Creative Packaging Ideas that Really Deliver

Creative Packaging Ideas that Really Deliver

It’s no secret that people love opening packages. In fact, we love opening them so much that we even love watching other people open packages, too. (Don’t believe us? Just search “#unboxing” on Instagram) If the bulk of your business relies on online sales, tapping into that excitement with some creative packaging can be a powerful marketing tool — both in terms of converting customers to loyal fans and (if you’re lucky) scooping up some of those sweet social shares as well. 

Now, we get it — you’re a small business and every dollar counts. Before you start doing the mental math, we don’t necessarily mean ordering expensive custom shipping boxes. You can hit the same notes and keep your costs low with the right creative packaging. That doesn’t just mean slapping on some stickers and calling it a day. We mean composing an experience from start to finish — creating a unique touchpoint your customers will appreciate and remember.  

Don’t know where to start? Let’s unpack our favorite ways to create standout ecommerce packaging that puts the class in first-class mail. 

Think Outside the Box — Literally

You want your customers to feel excited from the moment they see your package on their doorstep. While custom-branded shipping boxes and bubble mailers are great, they’re also pricey. To create a similarly cohesive experience on a budget, we like using custom packaging labels, branded packaging tape, and stickers. Labels and tape customized with your brand logo and look, can make even a humble mailer envelope look great — and associate your business with quality right from the start. 


It’s What’s Inside that Counts

While a branded exterior sets the stage with a first impression, it’s the interior of your eCommerce packaging that drives it home. It allows a level of interaction with your brand that you simply can’t replicate online. If you’re looking to level up your packaging game, here are some things to consider:

Fill the blank space

Filling the empty space in your packaging doesn’t just prevent your goods from breaking or shifting during shipment. It helps reinforce your branding and builds the big reveal. We like using color-matched crinkle paper, cardboard grids, and colored tissue paper sealed with a branded logo sticker

Go for a box within the box

Certain products (like candles, cosmetics, craft foods, and jewelry) might be better served within their own branded box. It not only protects your products but adds a layer of branding that sends a message of quality and legitimacy for even the smallest business. 

Unwrap the experience

If appropriate, additional details like bows, ribbon, or twine lend a premium feel — adding a touch of luxury to your eCommerce packaging and giving your customers a reason to linger a little longer. 


Repurpose your content marketing

Got a great brand story? A social cause? A new catalog? Or does your product need a “how-to-use” explainer? Stick ‘em in the package! 

There are so many great ways to connect to your audience with content you already have. Think of a printed how-to infographic, recipe cards, styling or serving tips (which are incidentally great ways to point them to your other products). These are all great ways to not only make your package look good but keep your customers in your marketing funnel. Bonus points for personalizing! 

Up the fun factor! 

Adding a little extra goes a long way when it comes to adding some fun. Depending on your brand, maybe this means free product samples or small gifts, a discount code, a reward for social sharing, or even a thoughtful thank you note. 

Other fun add-ins include branded stickers, coasters, or even a silly little token for no reason at all. Need some real-world inspiration? 

  • Madison Reed includes a friend referral program and a lovely “hello beautiful” greeting upon opening. 
  • BAM! Box inserts monthly scratch-and-win cards.
  • Stitch Fix has handy styling cards.
  • Outlaw Soaps features a tiny rubber chicken in every package, just for laughs. 


But First, Know Thyself 

Creative packaging is great — but before making any big changes, it’s a good idea to check in with your brand style guide, positioning, and strategy. Not every idea is right for every business. While twine and crinkled brown paper might feel rustic and cool for an artisanal foods company, it likely is the wrong message for a luxury cosmetics brand. 

Likewise, knowing your customers’ perceptions and pain points will help guide you into creating an experience that exceeds their expectations. Even understanding the power of color on your packaging can guide you to create a cohesive — and memorable — unboxing experience.

Ready to Address Your Packaging Needs?

Great! Because we’re ready to help you get the ball rolling. From custom stickers and boxes to branded tape and coasters, Stomp is here to help you send your brand message home. Check out our custom boxes and start designing today!

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  • Nashira Edmiston