50 Food Puns Guaranteed to Add Flavor to Your Restaurant Stickers

50 Food Puns Guaranteed to Add Flavor to Your Restaurant Stickers

Do you love food? And puns? Well, my friend, you’ve come to the right place — especially if you’re a restaurant owner. Let’s face it: for joke lovers, there’s nothing more deliciously cheesy than a good food pun. And this is precisely why you should consider adding one to your restaurant branding and stickers today. 

A little wordplay can delight your audience, make your brand stand out, and keep your business top of mind to boot. So let’s not mince words: whether you own a bakery, restaurant, coffee shop, brewery, or any kind of food and beverage establishment, dig right into our 50 favorite food puns that will have your customers coming back for seconds! 

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Our Favorite Food Puns by Category

Coffee House


Coffee shops, we already love you. You make our morning commutes possible, get us through the afternoon slump, and kick off our leisurely weekends. But aside from making a stellar cup of joe, you can ramp up brand affection with a little humor on your restaurant stickers to take your customer relationship to “it’s getting serious” status. 

  1. This Is How We Brew It
  2. Espresso Yourself
  3. We Make a Good Matcha
  4. Love You a Latte
  5. Not the Average Joe

Bakeries & Donut Shops


Bakeries and donut shops make life a little tastier, and we’re here for it. When it’s time for your customers to treat themselves, let these sweet puns tempt them.

  1. Let’s Get Ready to Crumble!
  2. Nice Buns!
  3. Life is Batter with Dessert
  4. Cake Me Up Before You Cocoa
  5. Eat More Hole Foods 

Craft Breweries


At this point, we expect craft breweries to have a catchy logo or slogan. If you need a little help coming up with your own, take a look at the ones below. After all, it’s the yeast we can do. 

  1. The Pint of No Return
  2. Go Lager Than Life
  3. Eternal Hoptimists
  4. Good for What Ales You
  5. In the Pursuit of Hoppiness

Mexican Restaurants


Since every day is Taco Tuesday around here, we thought Mexican food deserved its own category. Here are a few of our faves:

  1. Taco Walk on the Wild Side
  2. Call in Queso Emergency
  3. We Get Jalapeno Business
  4. We Will Guac You
  5. Holy Mole!


Cheese Plates & Shops 


We have yet to meet a cheese pun we don’t like. (You feta believe it!) 

  1. Have a Gouda Day!
  2. Praise Cheeses!
  3. Take It Cheesy
  4. Better Late Than Cheddar
  5. Sweet Dreams are Made of Cheese, Who am I to Diss a Brie




Quite possibly the perfect food, pizza also deserves a category unto itself. Inspire your restaurant stickers with these saucy puns and get ready to rake in the dough. 

  1. You Know You Knead It
  2. Take a Pizza My Heart
  3. Slice, Slice, Baby
  4. Another One Bites the Crust
  5. Just Try and Top Us

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Ice Cream Shops


You already know we all scream for it, but ice cream shop owners, take note: consider kicking your restaurant stickers up a notch and run these puns past-eur-ize. 

  1. We’re Udderly Delicious
  2. Scoop! There It Is.
  3. We Melt for You
  4. Wanna Spoon?
  5. Every day is Sundae


Juice Spots & Vegetarian Restaurants


It’s easy for juice places and vegetarian establishments to hone in on their target health-conscious market, but with the right pun, even die-hard junk food addicts will find your restaurant a-peel-ing.

  1. Lettuce Turnip the Beet
  2. Quit Your Beefing. Eat Vegan.
  3. Juice Be Yourself
  4. Your Main Squeeze
  5. Find Your Inner Peas


General Restaurants 


From takeout boxes to house-made sauces and more, restaurant stickers are a great way to create consistent branding, both in-n-out of your establishment. No matter what kind of restaurant you have, these tasty puns will whet your appetite. 

  1. We’re Kind of a Big Dill
  2. Pasta La Vista, Baby
  3. Shrimply the Best
  4. It’s Forking Delicious
  5. Holy Crepes!
  6. We’re Ramen to Be
  7. We Only Have Fries for You
  8. Keep Calm & Curry On
  9. The Best of the Wursts
  10. Where Lettuce Meats Patty


Hungry for More?

While these puns are just the tip of the iceberg, we hope they’ll help get your ideas cooking. The key is to keep it simple, memorable, and fun to read. While, ultimately, the proof truly is in the pudding (or whatever foods you sell), a little humor on your restaurant stickers can help connect your customers to your brand. In other words, a well-done pun can make your marketing go from unexciting to eggcellent — and that’s no yolk.  

Ready to roll up your sleeves? Start designing your restaurant stickers today!

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  • Nashira Edmiston