7 Beer Festival Ideas to Make Your Brewery Stand Out

7 Beer Festival Ideas to Make Your Brewery Stand Out

Calling all beer enthusiasts!

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and beer festivals are in full swing — the perfect opportunity for breweries to showcase their craft and connect with a passionate audience. But the competition is fierce, and to truly make a mark, breweries need to stand out from the crowd. 

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With custom products like branded swag and dazzling signage, you can brew up your own spotlight. If you’re searching for beer festival ideas that’ll create an unforgettable experience, you’re in the right place!

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Why Should Your Business Attend Beer Festivals?

Attending beer festivals is as crucial for breweries as hops are for crafting that perfect brew — it's where flavors mix, relationships ferment, and your brand's unique essence gets savored by all. Grab your pint glasses, and let’s dive into the top reasons that’ll have you saying “Ale yeah!” to your next beer festival invite.


  • Reach New Customers

Think of all the beer lovers who have yet to taste your delicious brews. What better place to find them than at a beer festival? It’s time to turn festival attendees into lifelong fans of your craft. 

  • Build Brand Awareness

Attending beer festivals is like putting up a giant billboard for your brewery. Festivals are prime real estate to make sure your brand name is on everyone’s lips (and, of course, in their pints).

  • Sell Beer

Festivals serve up an amazing opportunity to sell your product to a captive, beer-loving audience. Showcase your brews, make new friends, and rake in those sales!
  • Network With Other Breweries

Beer festivals are a great place to network with other breweries and learn about their operations. It's like a backyard BBQ for the brewing community, where you can swap stories, share insights, and maybe even cook up some collabs that'll have everyone raising their glasses in unity.


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7 Beer Festival Ideas to Give Your Booth a Hop Up

Attending a beer festival is great for your business — and your taste buds. But how do you make your brewery stand out in a sea of tents and beer stands? To accomplish this flavorful feat, we’ve brewed up some creative beer festival ideas you can use at your next event:


Host Giveaways

Giving away eye-catching brewery swag turns festival goers into an army of brand ambassadors. Bottle openers not only uncap beers but also unlock a newfound love for your brand. And don't forget those nifty brewery magnets. Every time your customers open their fridges, they’ll wish they had one of your beers in hand.


Offer a Post-Festival Special

Why let the party stop with the festival? Whip up an exclusive post-festival deal, like a coupon card that keeps the celebration (and drinks) flowing at your brewery. It's not just about stretching out the fun; it's about creating a bond that'll have your customers coming back for more hoppy quaffs.


Provide Branded Snacks

What's better than beer? Beer paired with delicious food! And when that food showcases your brewery’s unique visual identity, even better. Picture this: your best IPA coupled with a bag of pretzels in a branded bag or a velvety stout alongside a box of chocolates emblazoned with your logo. It’s a feast for the eyes as well as the stomach.

Hand Out Free Bumper Stickers

Branded bumper stickers transform attendees’ cars into moving billboards and show a customer’s love for your product, sharing your brewery's message wherever they roam. It's not just a sticker; it's a lasting testament to your beers’ deliciousness. 

Customize Your Booth

Level up your booth with personalized flair, from chic keg wraps and keg collars to eye-catching fitted table covers. These additions aren't just decor — they're touches of branding that elevate your professionalism and vividly narrate your brewery's journey. 

Use Custom Canopy Tents

Beer festivals are crowded with brewery booths, making it hard for your brand to stand out. A custom beer tent that shows off your brewery’s unique personality will help draw in festival attendees and leave a lasting impression. 

Spice up Your Signage

Make a statement that stands as tall as your beer towers with custom signage. Picture your brewery banners fluttering in the breeze above custom signs decorated with your logo. Toss in a beer-related pun or a quirky tagline to leave attendees grinning as well as sipping.


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Stand out at Beer Festivals with Stomp

Whether you need branded swag or an eye-catching canopy tent, Stomp has what you need to make your brewery’s booth a hit at your next beer fest. With a little help from Stomp’s design tool, you can create custom products that help you stand out and make a lasting impression on beer-loving festival attendees.  

What are you waiting for?  

Let Stomp’s custom brewery products inspire your beer festival ideas today.


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