18 Custom Golf Products Your Clubhouse Needs

18 Custom Golf Products Your Clubhouse Needs

It’s summertime, baby – and that means it’s time to hit the links. People of all backgrounds across the globe are spending their Saturdays slicing into the rough and calling for the beverage cart. Does it get any better than that?

For golf clubhouses, custom golf products are an essential marketing tool for anyone looking to enhance their brand while providing a better experience for their members. 

It might sound funny, but there’s serious tribalism in the golf membership world. Creating custom golf products is an intelligent way to tap into membership loyalty while creating a cohesive brand image. The products allow people to rep your brand – or, in other words, advertise for free.

Below, we examine 18 custom golf products we think do a great job helping clubhouses distinguish themselves. You don’t know what’s about to hit ya. (Obligatory: “Fore!”)

Anyhoo, let’s get crackin’.


What Is the Importance of Branding for Golf Clubhouses?

Branding is crucial in establishing a strong identity for your golf clubhouse. 

That goes beyond a logo or signage. What we’re talking about is the overall impression and perception of your establishment – when people see the seal of your clubhouse, what do they think? Whether you’re an established private club or a fun and funky 9-hole par 3 course, your business has a reputation, and your branding should reflect that.

Custom golf products offer a simple and easy opportunity to extend your brand reach and leave a lasting and meaningful impression on your members and guests. 

You know how good it feels to rep a brand of something you love. Providing custom golf products for your members to showcase their loyalty is a no-brainer. 

Heck, you might even call successful branding a… hole-in-one.



Pile of white golf balls with different logos.


18 Custom Golf Products Your Clubhouse Needs

When thinking about the best custom golf products for your clubhouse, think beyond swag. Yes, customized t-shirts or golf equipment are a great place to start. But don’t forget you can also use promotional products around the course, in changing rooms, and the clubhouse store.


Head Covers

Head covers are the centerpiece of a golfer’s gear. Encourage your members to trade in their tiger heads for a pristine cover with the clubhouse logo on it. And let’s not forget these head covers will be traveling across golf courses. Your members can broadcast your course while visiting others. Not a bad idea, eh?  


Golf Bags

Customized golf bags are a bit more of a premium purchase – both for members and as a promotional item – but boy, oh boy, are they beautiful. Consider one for a giveaway or tournament prize.


"Stomp"branded golf ball sleeve.


Golf Ball Sleeves

Safe to say people will be using golf balls at your golf course, right? Package ‘em up nicely with custom golf ball sleeves showcasing your branding. Or maybe put a logo on the ball itself.


Custom Stickers

As marketing material, brands can never have too many stickers on hand. They’re easy, simple, and universal. Encourage members to put them on their equipment, inside of lockers, bumpers of cars, or wherever else they see fit.


Golf Towels

If you know anything about golf, you can never have too many golf towels. Soft, absorbent, and stylish – they keep your members’ clubs clean while showing off your logo. If you’ve ever been to a sporting event that handed out free towels, and you still find it floating around your house a decade later, you know what we’re talking about. 


"Stomp" branded hand fan.


Custom Hand Fans

You know what it’s like to be on the course on a hot day (and if you don’t, well, it’s the worst.) Provide players with custom hand fans to keep themselves cool. It might seem small but believe us, your members will be very grateful.


Golf Umbrellas 

Any experienced golfer knows they need an umbrella. Provide custom golf umbrellas in your clubhouse for members to protect themselves from the elements. (Not to mention, these massive umbrellas serve as walking billboards for your brand.)


Divot Repair Tools

Foster a culture of responsible golf etiquette by offering custom divot repair tools. These practical items help keep your turf pristine – and are the perfect surface for your clubhouse logo.


Custom Water Bottle Labels

Don’t give Aquafina or Smart Water free advertising on your course. Instead, provide water bottles with custom labels – displaying your logo proudly. Plus, it gives your golfers a way to stay hydrated beyond that beverage cart.


River's End Brewing custom coasters on a wood counter.


Custom Coasters

The perfect pairing for that post-round pitcher. Custom coasters are simple accessories that protect your tables while showcasing your brand. 


Clubhouse Parking Permits

Custom parking permits not only ensure your clubhouse manages parking without confusion or chaos – but they’re a nice little way for members to mark their vehicles proudly. A quiet flex, if you will. 


Golf Scorecard Holders

It’s the little things, right? A simple design on a customized golf scorecard holder is a tiny touch that elevates your guest experience. Plus, it helps them stay organized. 


Magnetic Signs for Club Cars

Ah, yes, the beautiful beverage cart. (Or, well, any other club vehicles, but you can see where our heads are.) Custom magnetic signs for club cars are a simple and effective form of marketing. Don’t miss this obvious one!


Golf Shoe Bags

Durable and stylish golf shoe bags are convenient and easy ways for your members to keep their golf shoes organized and protected. It’s also something that they interact with each time they play. That’s nice, regular marketing right there.


"The Smokehouse" feather flag.


Feather Flags

Don’t forget obvious marketing opportunities. Place custom feather flags at various points on your club’s property, including the logo, promotion, or even special events. They’re dynamic and fun – a great message to send the world.


Golf Tees

A golfer can never have enough tees. Create custom golf tees with your clubhouse logo to sell or give away. Any player will always be happy to have more tees in their bag.


Golf Ball Markers

Custom golf ball markers are an excellent way for members to personalize their game. Plus, they’re practical – helping players mark their balls on the green.


Custom Totes

Totes are a great, universal custom golf product. And what’s great about a tote is that it’s not specific to the game of golf, meaning that your brand gets out into the real world, maybe as a daily bag or a grocery bag or something else.


Inside of a golf clubhouse pro shop.


Design Custom Golf Products for Your Clubhouse with Stomp

Smart brands don’t miss marketing opportunities. As a golf clubhouse, it’s important to tap every opportunity correctly. Custom golf products are an intelligent and practical way to spread your brand. Plus, these items are useful for your members – and a useful product with your brand name on it is an extremely effective form of marketing.

Not sure where to begin? Stomp is ready to help your swing. Our user-friendly design tools and wide range of customizable options are ready to bring your custom golf products to life.


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