How Wedding Coasters Enhance Your Special Day

How Wedding Coasters Enhance Your Special Day

Hey, it’s your big day. Everything should be perfect and exactly how you want it – from the band to the flowers to the coasters. Yes, even the coasters. (We care about the details!)

Incorporating coasters into your wedding is an easy and cost-effective way to add personalized details. It’s a simple and versatile opportunity to take advantage of some prime real estate and enhance your wedding day – coasters will be everywhere during your reception. Why not add a bit of flare?

Whether you’re the bride, the groom, or the wedding planner, understanding the value of wedding coasters can help elevate the day. Here, we’ll showcase the various ways wedding coasters can be utilized in the wedding process – and offer a few creative design ideas, showing how Stomp helps people create their own custom wedding coasters.


8 Ways Wedding Coasters Enhance Your Special Day

When planning your wedding, don’t be afraid to experiment a little bit. And a place to do that is customized coasters. 

These little guys are unsung heroes – protecting surfaces while providing useful pieces of information. Just look at what they can do for Valentine’s Day! Plus, guests (like your mother-in-law) might snag one as a nice little keepsake for your big day. 

Let’s get your creative juices flowing with a few ideas on different ways to use wedding coasters throughout the wedding process.


"Hannah & Oliver" save the date coaster.


Display Seating Assignments

Don’t worry about putting up a giant billboard with seating arrangements in the corner of the reception. Even with a perfect map, your uncle is almost guaranteed to sit at the wrong table. Instead, save that room for more dancing and utilize custom wedding coasters as a simple way to display seating arrangements. Write the names or tables on the coasters and place them at each guest’s seat. Boom.


Save Some Paper and Use Coasters as Wedding Ceremony Programs

Say your guests are gathered around the bar wondering when the main event starts. For a bit more alternative, consider utilizing wedding coasters as a program replacement during cocktail hour either before or after the ceremony. Include the order of events, special messages, or maybe a heartfelt note or quote. Guests will be able to follow the day’s events – and have a little keepsake they can take with ‘em.


Improve the Overall Vibe with Reception Decoration

The devil’s in the details as they say – although, who is this “they” we’re always talking about. Anyway, think of your approach to decorations as a reflection of yourself. Adding a nice flare – like colorful socks – can completely change your look. Well-designed wedding coasters can serve as beautiful accents that add a touch of personalization to each table setting.


Highlight a Signature Drink Recipe 

Signature cocktails are a staple of any wedding reception. Print and display the drink recipe on the wedding coasters so people can not only know what they’re drinking, but it creates a lasting impression. And if guests like the drink, they’ll know how to make it for themselves at a later date! 


"Love is Brewing" wedding coasters.


Break the Ice with Table Conversation Starters

Sitting at a table at a wedding is a funny guest experience. Sometimes, they’re placed with all their best buds. Other times, everyone’s a stranger. Regardless of the situation, icebreakers are always welcome. Print some thought-provoking questions or fun facts on your wedding coasters to spark conversations and discussions among your friends and family.


A Unique Guest Book Alternative

Forget traditional guest books and use wedding coasters as an unconventional approach. Have guests write their good wishes, advice, or personal messages on paper coasters – and then they can deposit them in a box or something else. You’ll enjoy these practical and sentimental keepsakes for years.


Dessert Menu Display

What’s a wedding without cake? Have your waiters swap out coasters between courses to display what you’re serving to your guests, whether chocolate, double chocolate, or triple chocolate. (Yeah, we like chocolate, so what?)


Funky Photo Booth Props 

Photo booths at weddings are a blast. People are dressed to the nines and are stoked to have their picture taken. It might seem a little odd, but if you print clever and quirky designs on your coasters, they’re a great photo booth prop. 


Stack of square rainbow custom coasters.


4 Custom Wedding Coaster Design Ideas

Now that you know the best ways to use coasters for weddings, let’s talk a bit about design. Here are a few ideas for brainstorming – but the main thing to remember is that the custom wedding coasters should reflect the overall theme of your wedding and its aesthetic.


Rustic Elegance

If your wedding is somewhere in nature – maybe a farm, a lodge, or something else – create coasters with a rustic charm focused on natural textures, earthy colors, and vintage-inspired fonts. This timeless style will still look good when you look at your scrapbook years from now. 


Modern Minimalism 

Maybe you’re getting married in a sleek event space in a city. To match that vibe, opt for a contemporary and minimalist look. Go for clean lines and bold typography – keeping the color scheme monochromatic with maybe a pop or streak of color.


Whimsical Romance

Lean into love, that’s what we say. Create a custom wedding coaster that captures the spirit of your wedding day and incorporates pastel shades, floral patterns, and other enchanting elements. 


Destination Theme

Are you lucky enough to get married with your toes in the sand? Create a custom coaster to match the vibe. Utilize iconic landmarks or other cultural elements to channel the overall spirit of your beautiful day.


Stack of circle pulpboard custom coasters.


Create Your Custom Wedding Coasters with Stomp

There’s a lot of power in the small stuff. Custom wedding coasters might not be something that comes to mind when planning your special day, but don’t underestimate their power. They can really add a personalized touch while serving as functional keepsakes for you and your guests. 

At Stomp, our nifty design tool helps you create the perfect wedding coaster design in minutes, whether you decide to go the route of save the dates or something for the reception. Start designing today!


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