11 Concert Marketing Ideas That Rock

11 Concert Marketing Ideas That Rock

Your band might be better than The Beatles, but (let’s be honest) you’re not bigger than The Beatles. If you want people at your show, it’s gonna require more than standing on top of a building while playing your instruments. 

Getting the word out about your band requires more than general advertising strategies. There’s a strategy to concert marketing that blends artistry and promotional skills to attract people to your event. You’re a musician — a unique type of creative — so tapping into what makes you tick is also a powerful way to promote your band.

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Here, we’ll explore a range of concert marketing strategies for bands, artists, and concert venues. Shred on to learn more.


Why Is Concert Marketing Important? 

Whether you’re a rapper, a rock band, or an avant-garde performer who plays music with a saw, there are at least a hundred more rappers, rock bands, or avant-garde performers who play music with saws. 

The point is that the music industry is extremely competitive, even at a small scale. 

Concert marketing is vital for bands, artists, and concert venues to stay ahead of the heavy competition. Creative strategies help you establish a strong band or artist identity, attract listeners, and sell tickets. For concert venues, marketing helps keep regular attendance high and your venue attractive to touring bands and acts. 

And hey, it’s also fun! Music marketing is an opportunity for artists to express themselves, whether it’s through poster artwork, promotional content, creative partnerships, or something completely different. 

Approach promoting your concert as you’d approach writing a song or making an album. Express yourself genuinely, and your audience will respond.


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11 Concert Marketing Ideas That Rock

Gig it up, baby. Let’s talk about the best concert marketing ideas for your band.


Create a Website 

You might have a Soundcloud or a Spotify page, but you need a dedicated website where fans can find all the essential details about you, your music, and your upcoming events. Be sure to include information such as date, venue, ticket prices, and a glimpse of what the vibe will be like. But — and this is very important — ensure the website’s design matches your aesthetic. Think of your website as the modern-day concert poster, an opportunity to show off artistry while marketing your show.

Utilize Social Media

These days, every organization needs a social media presence. That might seem like a no-brainer, but hear us out because it’s surprising how often aspiring artists or bands ignore effective social strategy. 

The beauty of social media is it’s an opportunity to connect directly with your fans, regardless of the platform. You speak to them through posts, stories, and updates. It’s like texting with your buddies. Offer information and links to tickets, but also giveaways (free stickers or other products), prompts for engagement, videos, live streams, or other cool things for fans to enjoy to generate excitement. 

Create Specific Content for the Event

Concert posters still have their place, especially at dive bars and public venues, but it’s important to modernize your marketing efforts. Video is a modern-day alternative to concert posters. You can make teaser videos, behind-the-scenes stories, or artist interviews. Or maybe prompt your fans to create content you can repost on your platforms. This approach captivates the audience through traditional marketing, ensuring there’s eager anticipation for the upcoming concert or tour. 


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Run Contests to Win Free Tickets or Merch

Everyone loves free stuff. It’s a universal truth, which means it’s a fantastic concert marketing strategy. Seriously, have you ever turned down a free t-shirt? Didn’t think so. Use your platforms to generate buzz about your concert through contests for free tickets, merch, or stickers. This not only creates excitement but helps organically spread the word about the event. 

Collaborate with Other Artists and Influencers

For all you youngins, back in the day, there was something called “street teams,” which were people bands would hire to market their tours or concerts on the street to passersby through posters and flyers. Street teams still exist, but there are digital ways to do something similar. 

Depending on your specific situation, work with other artists or influencers in your space, whether it’s a similar artist or band, the concert opener, the concert venue itself, fans with strong followings, or other influencers that make sense. By joining forces and cross-promoting each other’s content and events, you can tap into new markets and expand your reach. 

Partner with Local Businesses or Brands

Does your music scene have a local spot where they hang out? Maybe your local brewery? Or maybe everyone in your target audience visits the same few spots. These types of places are huge concert marketing opportunities. Display promotional materials at their locations — or take it a step further and explore joint marketing opportunities that are advantageous for everyone, helping all parties reach a wider audience. 


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Leave Freebies at Local Hotspots 

Beyond just putting up promotional materials like flyers or concert posters, another way to generate organic buzz for your concert is to leave freebies at the go-to spots in your music scene. Leave a pile of stickers or magnets at coffee shops, bars, or record stores. After all, a free sticker is almost as hard to resist as a free t-shirt. Who knows where they’ll stick ‘em?

Strategize an Email Marketing Campaign

Email lists don’t just happen, but if you can slowly get people to sign up, it’s an effective way to reach fans or potential concert attendees. Figure out a creative way to get them to sign up for your emails, whether it’s QR codes on posters or tickets, a simple pen and paper sign-up sheet, or something else. This might be tough for a band or artist starting out, but it is very effective concert marketing for concert venues. 

Venue operators are ideal for spreading the word about different shows and musicians. See if you can snag a spot in their email newsletter, either sharing your concert poster or maybe doing an interview or announcement.  


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Design Custom Products for the Concert

Make your concert memorable by designing customized products like stickers, magnets, or keychains tied to the event date. You can use these products for concert marketing building up to the event, but you can also sell them at merch tables on the night of — alongside specific show t-shirts and other ways to make it noteworthy. In other words, never forget the value of FOMO. 


Good Ol’ Fashioned Concert Posters

We’ve mentioned the concept of the “modern-day concert posters” a few times, but sometimes you don’t need to mess with a classic. Concert posters are still extremely effective when placed in the right places. Distribute them in local music stores, cafes, bars, restaurants, and community bulletin boards. Design something that aligns with your aesthetic. Maybe someday they’ll be a collector’s item.

Radio Promotions 

In the internet age, thinking about radio promotion might feel weird. But on a local level, it’s fantastic for concert marketing. The radio is one of the best places to reach everyday people. Folks listen to keep up with the news and other local promotions, so your concert will fit right in. In fact, radio offers some of the best returns on investment when it comes to local engagement. 

If your band is touring, be sure to talk to popular local stations about special discounts or giveaways to listeners when you come through the area.

Promote Your Next Concert With Stomp!

Look, we love your music — and we want the world to know about it. Don’t… fret… about promotion. With this range of exciting concert marketing ideas, you’ve got an opportunity to take your concert marketing to the next level. 

At Stomp, we’ve got you covered. Work with our expert designers and rock with our range of promotional products for musicians and bands.


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