Where To Stick 'Em: 15 Creative Sticker Placement Ideas

Where To Stick 'Em: 15 Creative Sticker Placement Ideas

Sticker placement anxiety is no joke. You just picked up this cool sticker, but now comes the hard part. Where should you stick it? 

Your laptop? A car bumper? On the fridge? Ahhh!

Don’t panic. We’ve written about sticker placement anxiety before, and for sticker collectors and DIY lovers — and everyone in between — we’ve got a guide for inspiration when considering where to place your new sticker. Of course, this isn’t just for sticker buyers; it also applies to sticker sellers. 

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The best sticker placement can not only help elevate the object’s aesthetic, but it can also highlight the artistic value of the sticker. Sticking a sticker in the right spot will transform the overall vibe of the object and the sticker itself. 

Plus, the art becomes one with the object after the sticker placement. It can improve with age. Think of sticker placement similar to tattooing or graffiti — these beautiful art forms showcase our humanity through permanency. 

Let’s dig into the best sticker placement strategies for sticker collectors and DIY lovers. And if you regret any sticker placements, don’t fret. We created a guide for removing stickers and sticker residue.


Children's dresser with stickers.


Around Your Home 

The stickers you choose, similar to art or photographs, are reflections of your personality and creativity. Strategic sticker placement throughout your living space can offer bursts of inspiration throughout your day. 

Stickers are meant to be looked at and enjoyed, not forgotten in a drawer. Maybe you notice one while making coffee in the morning, and it puts a little spring in your step, or they’re the first thing you see when you get home from work, boosting your mood or creative spirit just a little bit.

These are our favorite places for sticker placement around the home.



Mirrors are prime real estate for stickers. Whether it’s the full body mirror outside your closet or where you watch yourself brush your teeth, the proper sticker placement can offer a little bit of calming reflection when you look at yourself.

You might be reminded of your favorite music or laugh at a cute cartoon staring back at you - a fun addition to your routine.


Fridge with stickers.


Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen appliances of all types are great opportunities for stickers — especially since many new appliances are no longer magnetic. This is a great opportunity for sticker collectors. Spice up your refrigerator, toaster, or coffee machine with a sticker to make you smile. If you’re a baker, maybe you even put your logo on your favorite stand mixer (of course, it’s so hard to choose which one). 

A Dedicated “Sticker Wall” 

Depending on the setup or size of your home, you might have a workspace or party room that’s a bit more casual. (Think something like a “mancave”) These areas often express personality, whether through wall art, a cool bar, a pool table, or whatever. 

In these spaces, we recommend creating a sticker wall or having a dedicated wall (like the front of your bar) to place all the stickers you’ve collected over the years. It might feel a little sparse in the beginning, but if you stick with it (heh), it won’t take very long for you to have your own personal sticker display. This idea is perfect for DIY lovers.



Have a boring bookshelf or desk? Well, it won’t take much to transform it. Slap some stickers on a piece of furniture and add a bit of personality. This is a fun way to transform something in your home that feels a bit stale. 

For example, as a DIY design idea, a quick and easy way to refresh an old dresser is to cover it with stickers. DIY lovers and sticker collectors can use a coffee table as the go-to sticker placement center in the home. Plus, the bonus here is that if you ever move, you can take your collection with you. Not a bad idea, eh? 


Luggage covered in stickers.



It’s an old marketing tradition going back to the early 1900s to cover your luggage in stickers of places (and especially hotels) you’ve visited. If you travel frequently, you probably spend more time than you wish waiting at baggage claim. Adding a few stickers to your suitcase is not only an easy way to jazz it up from the standard monotone luggage color of black or gray. But it’s practical, too.

Sticker placement on luggage helps you identify your bag immediately without the risk of accidentally snagging someone else’s and running the risk of having to wear a stranger’s shirt or worse. 


Laptop covered with stickers.


On Your Electronics

Electronic devices are an obvious place for sticker placement. How many times have you walked into a coffee shop and noticed the creativity of someone’s laptop case? Think of creative sticker placement on electronics as dressing them up in cool clothes, another way to display your personality.



Do you want just another boring gray laptop? Personalize your computer a bit with stickers that show off your hobbies, favorite music, or even a sense of humor. Plus, it gives your laptop an identity and a sense of safety — if it’s misplaced or stolen, the stickers act as a way to help it stand out.

And if you’re a DIY lover or sticker collector looking to design your own laptop stickers, Stomp creates stickers specifically for laptops.



Remember when everyone had that little Nokia phone, and the most exciting thing you could do was play a game called Snake? Well, over the last decade or so, technology has accelerated at an amazing pace — and each person carries around a computer in their pocket. 

However, all of those computers look the same. Keep your phone safe and stylish by placing a sticker on the back. Plus, the right sticker placement helps your phone stand out.



Whether it’s an iPad or a Kindle or a Surface or something that hasn’t been invented yet, tablets tend to blend together, even more so than laptops. Adding a sticker to your tablet makes it feel a bit more like yours — a touch of personality for your personal device. 

Plus, let’s not act like you’re not banging your tablet around while using it on the plane, during your commute, or at other times in transition. Stickers are an easy way to help protect your tablet from scratches or scuffs. 


Hard hat with stickers.


On the Job

All work, no play? No thanks! Sticker collectors can bring a bit of personality to your office or workplace. Of course, we recommend checking with your superior before you do anything too loud, but they also say that it’s better to ask forgiveness than permission, so we’ll leave that decision-making up to you, our dear sticker collector friend.


Work Wear

Maybe you don’t work in an office but spend your days in the field as a contractor, engineer, or worker. Hard hats are excellent for sticker placement, both for expressing personality but also signaling responsibilities. 


Folders & Binders

Folders and binders are incredible canvases for stickers. Your typical office folder — you know, the old plain manila folder — just screams boredom. Add a sticker on the front of this year’s accounting report folder, and you’ll smile every time you take it out of your desk. Not to mention that diverse sticker placement can help you stay organized.


Desk Decor

Your office desk is another expression of your personality. Sitting next to important papers or documents, you probably have a range of trinkets, mementos, or a special coffee cup. Spice up your pen holder or computer monitor and add a sticker, bringing your personality out even more.


Snowboard covered in stickers.


Sports Equipment

Do you love the outdoors? Are you a competitor? As a sticker collector, you’ll find sports equipment as a great canvas for getting sticky. Moreover, lots of sports equipment brands create very cool stickers, so this is an excellent area to not only express your interests and personality — but connect with the brands that you love on a different level.


Skis, Snowboards, or Skateboards

Extreme sports go hand in hand with sticker culture. Have you ever seen a skateboard that wasn’t covered in stickers? Our point exactly. Skis, snowboards, and skateboards already show off your personality — but adding stickers can really make you stand out. 

Plus, when you’re out skating or skiing with friends or strangers, stickers can be great conversation starters. Your buddy might be a huge fan of your favorite band, and you had no idea until he commented on the cool sticker you placed on your skis.



Road bikes, mountain bikes, city bikes, e-bikes, etc. — whatever your bike is, we know it could benefit from creative sticker placement. Don’t believe us? Go ahead and slap a sticker of your favorite band on your crossbar and get back to us. We’ll wait.


Water bottles 

Everyone has a water bottle. (If you don’t, get one and stay hydrated!) And it’s not too uncommon to have the same water bottle as your friend or fellow competitor. Sticker placement on water bottles is an effective way to ensure you don’t lose your bottle — and to show off some personality. 


Helmet covered in stickers.



For many outdoor sports, helmets are a necessary piece of equipment. After all, you’ve only got one brain, and the world needs your sticker collector brain! There’s no shame in protecting it with a helmet — and doing it in style. 

However, helmets sometimes lack personality and can make you feel anonymous. Stickers change that. Protect your noggin’ and show off your personality with fun sticker placement. 


Creative Sticker Placement Is Simple, Fun, and Practical

Look, don’t overthink it. Stickers are creative expressions, and you should have fun when choosing the right sticker placement. Whether it’s somewhere at home, on your laptop, in the office, or on a new pair of skis, there’s always a place to stick ‘em. Put ‘em anywhere you like, but don’t let them sit on your desk for years when they could be adding some spice to your life. 

Of course, if you’re holding off because you don’t have the right design, we’ve got you covered. Stop offers high-quality stickers and an easy-as-pie design tool to help you bring your art to life. If you’re ready to make your sticker dreams come true, start designing your own custom stickers today!


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