Tips to Maximize Your Custom Canopy Tents

Tips to Maximize Your Custom Canopy Tents

Custom canopy tents (also called pop-up tents) are the perfect addition to any booth at a festival, tradeshow, or event. They spread brand awareness, help potential customers identify your space from a distance, and draw attention to your booth. 

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While we believe anyone who does regular festivals or events should have a custom pop-up tent, it’s also important to understand how the type of event can change expectations around setting up an event booth. With that in mind, here are 11 ways to get the most out of your custom canopy tents


Stomp custom canopy tent.


How Pop-Up Tents Promote Brand Awareness

Pop-up tents are ubiquitous at all events - and for a good reason. 

Custom canopy pop-up tents are perfect for providing shade and shelter from the elements during sunny events. When you’re booked for an 8-hour event day, you don’t want to be left out in the sun (or the rain for that matter). More than that, custom canopy tents shout “Professionalism! We’ve got a professional organization over here!” to any passersby. 

When you take the effort to elevate your branding with custom materials, people take notice and view your business in a more positive light before their first interaction. If you had two identical businesses on opposite sides of the event, but one had a canopy with their branding on it and the other was a baby blue out-of-the-box canopy tent from Walmart, which do you think would get more people stepping up?

When a pop-up tent has your colors, logos, and slogans, it can also promote brand recognition and draw people to your booth. From a distance, it creates a focus point for people to walk toward. Up close, the branding is just above the heads of other event goers and helps customers identify a booth and what it offers through a crowd. 


Our Favorite Uses for a Custom Canopy Pop-Up Tent

Wondering how to use a custom canopy pop-up tent to promote brand awareness for your brand? It’s all about putting yourself in the right place at the right time and looking for ways you can modify your booth offerings to better appeal to the event’s demographic. While craft shows are a good start to your summer festival tour, there are many other kinds of events to consider.   

Here are our top recommendations


1. Grand Openings

Grand openings are a critical time for businesses. 

After all, they’re the best opportunity for businesses to make a first impression on potential customers and secure the leg-up they need for success. Because of this, pop-up canopy tents like the one below are an excellent addition to any grand opening ceremony. Use them to pass out information and freebies while the canopy itself draws attention from a distance. 

By providing high-visibility advertising for your new company, canopy pop-up tents help you attract new customers, cement your branding, and make the largest possible impact for your brand. 


Realtor custom canopy tent at event.


2. Business Anniversaires

Your business’ anniversary is a good reason to get out into the community for an event or outreach event, but don’t plan it without a custom pop-up tent. Anniversary celebrations and sales are an excellent opportunity to attract new customers and bring customers back to your business. 

For best results, look for a canopy tent with a full wall, like the one above. While the top of the canopy has your important branding (name, social media, colors, etc), the back wall serves as a promotion for people who have already stepped up to your booth. Use this to announce a new product or give a quick pitch. 


3. Trade Shows

Trade shows are excellent opportunities to make connections within your industry and form new partnerships. But potential customers and networking contacts need to know that you’re a serious business worth their time. 

If you’re looking to break out into the industry or form some connections, trade shows are a fantastic opportunity to do so. Just make sure that you’ve put consideration into how your booth looks and operates before the big event. Aside from a branded canopy tent or a custom banner, make sure your booth looks presentable, with clearly laid out displays and information at various eye levels.


Roomii custom canopy tent and wall at event.


4. Community Events

Pop-up tents are a must-have for neighborhood picnics, block parties, and any other community events. While these events will be smaller than other festivals or craft fairs, they are still an excellent opportunity to shake hands, spread word of mouth awareness, and meet your customers on a personal level. Just make sure you have the necessary street permits for your business before setting up at a local event.


5. Festivals and Concerts

Festivals can draw huge audiences. In fact, festivals like South by Southwest and Lollapalooza can draw more than 500,000 attendees a year! 

Even if you’re attending a smaller festival, these events are an excellent opportunity to promote your brand and gain new customers. Of course, you want to pick your venue carefully. A music festival is ideal for a beer tent or maybe even a bakery selling some munchies, but it’s probably not the place to spread the word about a local pottery studio or a sporting goods store. Since people travel for these events, you also want to be sure you have a product to give them at the event; asking them to follow up outside the event won’t do you much good. 

Additionally, while these events can get you a lot of exposure, they also have a fairly high cost of entry and time commitment, so make sure you have properly vetted the event before signing up. 

Once you decide on a festival, you’re going to want a custom canopy tent. Since there are often dozens if not hundreds of vendors at these events, canopy pop-up tents will help you to stand out, capture the attention of passers-by, and attract more foot traffic to your booth.


Busy farmers market with canopy tent stands.


6. Farmers Markets

Are you attending a farmer’s market to sell handmade goods or products? Don’t go without your custom canopy pop-up tent. 

Think about the last farmer’s market you attended: chances are, it had rows and rows of store bought pop-up tents. Maybe a few custom banners to stand out, but primarily small operations setting up a few folding tables full of products. 

Imagine how adding a custom pop-up tent to the lineup could help you differentiate your booth and attract more customers. Not only will it help attract more foot traffic, but a custom canopy pop-up helps build customer relationships and keep people coming back.


7. Tailgating

Tailgating is a beloved tradition for many sports fans. It’s like a pop up city that appears just before a game. All those people mean a big opportunity for vendors. Even if you don’t set up for vending, tailgating is a good excuse to use your company pop-up tent and draw a little more attention than you might otherwise.

If nearby party goers are familiar with your brand, it’s a good opportunity to meet people in the community, shake some hands, share a few laughs, and tell them about your business. That kind of interpersonal communication is critical to establishing yourself in the community. 


KC Turbos custom canopy tents, walls, and feather flag at outdoor event.


8. Sponsored Events

Pet adoption events, school book fairs, races, and just about anywhere else people are gathering can be an opportunity to set up a booth (with permission of the event organizers, of course). Once you’re set up, canopy tents help differentiate your team from the rest of the event and give event goers a reason to stay a little bit longer and check out your displays. Even if you don’t make a sale then and there, meeting people in the community will go a long way toward building a good reputation. 

Where to Design a Custom Canopy Pop-Up Tent

Ready to create the perfect custom canopy pop-up tent for your next event? Stomp is here to help! Offering custom canopy pop-up tents branded with your company’s logos, colors, or design, we’re here to help you create the canopy tent of your dreams. What are you waiting for? Start designing your tent today!


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