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<h2>Amp up your band voice with Stomp!</h2>

Amp up your band voice with Stomp!

Fans love merch. Whether you’re playing at a local venue or publishing your music online, your fans will want anything and everything that has your band’s logo and album art on it. Whether you give stickers and magnets away for free or set up a booth, band merch is an essential part of any budding music career.

Play to your fanbase with custom band merch from Stomp.

When your music act is finding its footing, stickers and magnets are the perfect way to get the word out and start growing your fanbase. Band stickers and magnets are super affordable and highly portable. You can keep them in your pocket and hand them out or pass them out along with download codes. When you run out, Stomp makes reordering easy as can be so you can focus on playing your next gig while we handle the rest.