Make Some Noise with These Custom Band Products

Make Some Noise with These Custom Band Products

What’s the highest form of art?

If you guessed music, you’d be correct. But we’re biased around here and think marketing is a close second. 

You've spent hours, days, months — perfecting your craft, dreaming up guitar riffs until your fingers bleed. But if a banger is played at a venue and no one comes to hear it, is it really a banger? 

No matter how you slice those treble clefs, you’ve got to market your band for success. So, get inspired with custom band products that will help you sell those tickets, get more raving fans, and rock on!


Get Ready to Strike a Chord with These Custom Band Products.

Enter and explore the exciting world of custom band products that make promoting your band a creative and engaging experience. 

Here are some ideas for how to share them:

  • Use them to promote your show
  • Hand them out at concerts
  • Include them with merchandise 
  • Offer to send a free promo item when fans purchase your merch
  • Give them to friends and fam to help promote your band

With a one-of-a-kind design, these items will showcase your band's identity and help you stand out in a crowded music scene.


Custom band sticker collection on floor.


1. Custom band stickers

Stickers are a staple for promoting anything, especially a band. A custom band sticker is cheap to produce, easy to share, and creates a unique presence where your audience is likely to congregate. 

Additionally, a custom sticker won’t spoil or go out of style. Kids and adults love them! Here are some tips for making an excellent band sticker:

  • Keep it small so it’s easier to distribute
  • Stick to a handful of colors so it's cheaper to make
  • Design your sticker around a logo or slogan
  • Include contact info like a webpage 


Static cling on car window.


2. Static clings

Static cling products are like the ninjas of band promotion — stealthy, adaptable, and always sticking around when you need them. 

Customize these sly clings with your band's logo, eye-popping artwork, or cryptic tour dates. Then with wide-eyed wonder, watch as your fans transform their car windshields and the local coffee shop windows into a stage for your band's awesomeness. Keep in mind that these clings are held on by static, so they should not be applied outdoors. But, that doesn’t mean they can’t be displayed outside. Go for a face-application cling that can be applied inside of a glass surface and viewed from the outside.

Static cling: the non-adhesive, commitment-free way to make your band stick in everyone's mind!


Custom magnets on fridge.


3. Custom band magnets

Unleash your band’s magnetic charm with custom magnets that will attract metal AND the adoring hearts of your fans. Adorn this little gem with your band's logo, album artwork, or catchy lyrics, and turn any fridge or metallic surface into a shrine to your musical prowess. 

As fans proudly display these souvenirs on their fridge or toolbox, they'll spark conversations, memories, and perhaps even impromptu jam sessions, amplifying your band's fame and drawing in new groupies — one refrigerator door at a time.


Band banner on building.


4. Banners

A custom-made banner is like a visual anthem for a musician, harmonizing your band's unique identity with an eye-catching design. Perfect for concerts, festivals, or even local gigs, a vibrant and attention-grabbing banner proudly displays your band's name, logo, or album artwork, setting the stage for an unforgettable performance. 

A custom banner in the backdrop is the difference between onlookers saying, “who is this” and looking you up on their phone during your set. Not only does a personalized banner amplify your band's presence, but it also leaves a lasting impression on the audience, ensuring that your tunes will continue to echo in their minds long after the last chord has faded. 


Custom Band Products: Encore!

In perfect harmony, custom band products hit all the right notes in the symphony of band promotion. They're the unsung heroes, the backup singers, and the encore that keeps your audience captivated long after the stage lights have dimmed. 

Start your own promotional gig with Stomp's custom band stickers, and watch as your group’s fame crescendos to new heights. Remember, there's no better way to "stick" in people's minds than with a memorable tune and a sticker to match. 

If you’ve got your art ready, you can start designing your custom band stickers today. Our nifty design tool makes creating your sticker easy as practicing the scales so you can get back to writing your music and spreading your art.



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