8 Tips to Design a Standout Event Booth for Your Next Craft Fair

8 Tips to Design a Standout Event Booth for Your Next Craft Fair

It’s summer, and that means craft fair season is here! Now is the time to set up your booth, shake hands, and make a week’s worth of sales in a single afternoon. 

But, as you set up, it feels like something’s missing, and a lot of people walk past your booth without a second glance. You believe in your product, but your events aren’t successful because nobody is looking at your products

Don’t panic; our team is here to help you improve your event booth design. By the time you finish reading this article, you’ll have the tools you need to pull in potential customers by the dozens. 

Let’s get started:

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Why You Need a Standout Event Booth 

Customers appreciate professionalism both visual and personal. After all, a brand that presents as professional is more likely to offer high-quality products and excellent customer service.

What brands need to know, though, is that professionalism needs to go beyond your marketing materials. Sure, professional logos and branded materials go a long way toward making the sale, but they’re only one part of the equation. 

Fortunately for you, an event booth is the perfect place to communicate your professionalism. 

Creating an eye-catching booth with products and information at various eye levels and having lots of information clearly available helps draw customers in and create buzz around your brand. 


Food booth at craft fair with string lights.


Limits to Your Event Booth Design 

While a professional event booth is essential to any successful event, there are some limitations to event booth design.

Here are a few of the things you may face:

  • Space limitations. Most events (indoor and outdoor) offer vendors 10x10 spaces for their booths. That means you need to maximize your space and consider where you are going to stand. Are you fluttering about the space or sitting behind a desk? That decision will have a huge impact on how you set up your booth. While you can always buy a second space, it’s important to remember the limitations of your booth and know how to work within those.
  • Lack of creativity. Once you have your space, it’s important to learn how to use it to its maximum potential. Our top tip on that note is to base the shape of your booth on the amount of space you have and the kind of products you sell. For example, if you have 1-3 products (like a coffee or hot sauce maker), a simple table will work well. If you have a lot of small products (like a jewelry seller or a toy vendor), then you might opt for the U-shape design with lots of verticalities to keep customers moving through the space. 
  • Unprofessional design. Some people have all the space in the world, but they can’t make it count because they don’t know how to harness the power of professional, customized design. To make sure your event booth doesn’t fall victim to this particular fate, invest in standout design materials for your event booth - more on this in the next section. 

8 Tips for Designing a Standout Event Booth 

Now that you know some of the challenges of event booth design, let’s talk about how to make yours pop. 

Here are our 8 tips for designing a standout event booth that sells products and captures the attention of new customers: 


1. Branded Materials

Branded materials are essential for designing a standout event booth. 

Items like shirts, vinyl banners, branded pop-up tents, and more can all tell customers who you are and what kind of products you offer - even at a distance! 

Here’s an example of an event booth that is eye-catching and definitely uses branded materials to capture attention and promote brand awareness:


Lemonade display in store.


While investing in these materials can feel like a steep start-up cost, remember that it will pay you back immediately as soon as people start noticing your newly branded event booth. Additionally, you don’t have to go big right away. As long as you have strong branding, you can take incremental steps, starting with something like t-shirts and a custom canopy tent


2. Tables and Tablecloths

If branded materials tell people what you do from a distance, custom tablecloths nurture the company-customer relationship once they arrive at your table. 

For the most pleasing presentation, your tables and tablecloths should aesthetically match the brand, present products and information at various eye levels, and make it easy for customers to understand what you’re offering and what kind of difference it makes. 


Elderberry craft fair stand with assorted products.


3. Shelves or Grids

Shelves or grids should be arranged vertically since this is the best way to encourage customers to browse and interact with your products. 

Want an example of a brand that does this well? 

Look no further than the event booth above, which arranges its hand-crafted products from largest to smallest on attractive and functional vertical shelves:


Bohemian style clothing and gifts craft fair stand.


4. Layout Out Your Products

As you arrange your event booth, remember that your products should be laid out in an order that makes sense. Think of it like a charcuterie board for your products; the ingredients are good on their own, but the presentation puts them over the top. 

Above is an example of an event booth that uses color, texture, and space to arrange products in a beautiful, appealing (and common-sense) way.


Pricing board for art booth at craft fair.


5. Clear Pricing

So, you’ve created a booth that’s visually and aesthetically appealing, and it’s drawing customers in left and right. Now, it’s time to convert them when they get there. One of the best ways to do this is by offering clear and transparent pricing.

Ideally, each item should have a price display in front of it or the price included on it. If you want to centralize your pricing, you could create a custom sign that lays out the prices of your various products and provides the maximum amount of information possible for your customers.

And remember to be present and available as a seller. Even when your information is front and center, clear as day, customers may gloss over all your written materials and ask you about price directly. So make sure you know all your prices, and don’t be afraid to cut a deal to sell a little more. 


6. Payment Options and FAQs

While talking about your product is always a good thing, you still need to be able to handle sales. If you have an unusual product, like handmade bath loofahs, for example, it’s good to have an FAQ or brochure you can give to customers to inform them. 

In addition to providing critical information for your customers, this is also an excellent opportunity to showcase your professional branding and promote brand recognition. 


Free stickers in mugs.

7. Freebies & Giveaways

You’re grateful that people are stopping to explore your event booth, so why not reward them? Branded freebies and giveaways like a raffle, free stickers, or a bucket of dollar-store toys for kids are effective options.

Even if people aren’t interested in your booths, freebies and giveaways are effective gimmicks that pull people to your booth, even if they might not be interested in the product otherwise. 


Smiling woman at balloon pop up stand.


8. Be Approachable!

Last but not least, don’t overlook the human element of your event booth! Remember - you are the star of your event booth, even more than your product.

With that in mind, be approachable, smile, and remember to focus on customer service and answering questions. 

A craft fair is an opportunity to present yourself and your business to the community and build relationships with customers and other vendors. The more you invest in the human element of the experience, the more valuable attending the event will be for your brand in the long run. 

Level Up Your Event Booth with Stomp 

If you’re ready to upgrade your event booth, we’ve got you covered. Stomp has everything you need to make a stand out booth that proudly proclaims “professionalism” to passersby. Whether you need a canopy tent, tablecloths, flags, vinyl banners, or freebies Stomp is here to help. 

 Our nifty design tool makes adding your design easy as can be and our design team is standing by if you need help with more specialized products, like our custom canopy tents. So what are you waiting for? Start designing today and make your booth the talk of your next event!  


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