How to Design Custom Supplement Packaging

How to Design Custom Supplement Packaging

Standout packaging for supplements is no longer a nice-to-have in the crowded wellness industry — it’s an absolute must.

Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur or an established brand looking to revamp your product line, understanding the nuances of custom supplement packaging has never been more important.

The packaging itself has to shield the product from environmental threats like moisture and light. At the same time, your custom supplement labels must provide important safety and health information to educate consumers and comply with FDA regulations.

The bottom line? There’s a lot to consider! But don’t worry — we’re here to help.


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What Makes Good Supplement Packaging?

There are several elements that contribute to good supplement packaging, starting with its ability to protect contents from environmental damage. Durable packaging that protects against the elements preserves the efficacy and shelf life of supplements, ensuring they stay as fresh as the day they were packaged.

Effective supplement packaging also offers essential information such as usage instructions, ingredients, and nutritional benefits. Create a label that displays this info in a clear, easy-to-read format to ensure user safety.


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Why is Quality Supplement Packaging Important?

Quality supplement packaging serves as consumers’ first impression of your product, setting the tone for all their future interactions with your brand. Visual appeal is key — you want your product to stand out on the shelf.

High-quality packaging also protects product quality by keeping moisture and sunlight out. Throw in an informative, easy-to-read label, and it’ll also amp up your brand’s credibility by assuring consumers of the product’s safety and quality.


What Are the Different Types of Supplement Packaging?

Each type of packaging serves a unique purpose and offers different benefits. Choosing the right option can take your product from good to great.


Stand-Up Pouches

Stand-up pouches combine flexibility and lightweight design, making for a cost-effective supplement packaging option. These small but mighty pouches are well suited for smaller doses and travel-sized products. Custom pouches are often food-safe and are designed to keep out odor, moisture, and light.



Bottles made from plastic or glass are a classic option for supplement packaging, offering top-notch protection against the elements. (Just make sure to avoid clear materials if your product is light-sensitive.) You can also reuse or recycle bottles, which appeals to eco-conscious consumers.



Custom boxes are another versatile option for supplement packaging. A well-designed box can house bottles, pouches, or individual packets to offer your products additional protection. A box’s flat sides also allow for easy label application, allowing you to get creative without worrying about how the label will fit.


Tips for Designing Custom Supplement Packaging

Designing custom supplement labels that are both visually appealing and informative requires careful consideration, from understanding your audience to choosing the right colors.


1. Know Your Audience

Tailor your packaging design to meet the specific preferences, lifestyles, and needs of your target demographic. By understanding your audience, you can create packaging that not only meets their expectations but also resonates with them on a personal level.


2. Showcase Your Brand

Leverage your packaging as a powerful tool to reflect and amplify your brand identity. Incorporate your logo, employ consistent brand colors, and use uniform fonts across all packaging materials to convey your company’s ethos effectively.


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3. Keep it Simple

Embrace simplicity in your design to ensure clarity and appeal. A clean, uncluttered layout helps highlight essential information, making it easier for consumers to understand the product at a glance without feeling overwhelmed.


4. Make Your Text Legible


Choose a font that emphasizes your brand image and is easily readable. Prioritize the legibility of all text on your packaging, especially critical information such as dosage instructions and ingredients. Clear, easy-to-read text is crucial not only for aesthetic value but also for consumer safety, ensuring all users can accurately follow usage directions.


5. Use Colors and Images Strategically

Choose colors and images for your labels that reflect the benefits of the supplement you are marketing. For instance, green tones suggest natural and organic qualities, promoting a sense of wellness.

On the other hand, vibrant colors may draw attention and associate the product with strength or efficacy. Thoughtfully selected visual elements can significantly influence consumer perception and decision-making.


What are the Requirements for Custom Supplement Packaging?

Creating custom supplement packaging involves navigating various FDA guidelines. These regulations ensure all supplements on the market are safe, properly labeled, and transparent about their contents.

On your label, you must include the name of the supplement, the net quantity of contents, nutrition facts, an ingredient list, and the name and address of the manufacturer or distributor.

Additionally, the font size must be easily legible, with letters no smaller than one-sixteenth of an inch in height. It’s also critical to include any potential allergens, directions for use, and a disclaimer if the supplement has not been evaluated for certain health claims.

Maintaining compliance with these regulations keeps consumers safe, builds trust and credibility for your brand, and keeps your business in the clear.


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Design Custom Supplement Packaging With Stomp

Crafting the perfect supplement packaging is a blend of art, science, and compliance. Whether you're launching a new product or looking to rebrand, Stomp is here to help you every step of the way. Our intuitive design tools simplify the label creation process so you can focus on the important stuff: Making your packaging pop and ensuring it complies with regulatory requirements

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Vitamin and Supplement Packaging


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