Customer Spotlight Series: Leaning R Salsa

Customer Spotlight Series: Leaning R Salsa

The best recipes take time and few know that better than Kara Hamilton, founder of LEANING R Salsa. For more than 25 years, Kara has produced unique, authentic Texas salsas with a distinctive tropical twist. To learn more about how it all happened and where LEANING R Salsa is going next, we reached out to Kara.  


Tell Us About Yourself and LEANING R Salsa 

I am Kara Hamilton, founder and CEO of LEANING R Salsa, a four-time award-winning artisan salsa brand from Austin, Texas. It all started in my kitchen with what I learned from my mom, who made everything from scratch with real ingredients. 

I crafted my own signature salsa recipe more than 25 years ago and (with encouragement from family and friends who love my salsa) hit the road. I began introducing and selling LEANING R Salsa at local events all across Texas. Today, you can find LEANING R Salsa in gourmet and specialty retailers, including Central Market in Texas and Gelson's in California, as well as other retailers and specialty shops across the country.


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Where Do You See LEANING R Salsa Going Next? 

We want to expand to gourmet and specialty retailers across the U.S., increase revenue, lead the pack with aggressive effort, and ultimately promote our concept of bold and versatile flavors that are also healthy and satisfying. Additionally, I hope to go forward with passion and intentionality across our partnerships with both retailers and consumers.


What Makes LEANING R Salsa Unique? 

First, our salsas are distinctive, with the perfect blend of savory, sweet, and heat, and they are made with REAL fresh ingredients! We are also a four-time award-winning brand! 

Second, as the Founder and CEO of the company, I hope to lead with passion, honesty, and integrity and cultivate an environment where everyone, from myself to the brand ambassadors and the shipping team, is ALL IN for this great effort!


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Why Did You Choose Stomp for Your Labels?:

We found Stomp after an extensive search. I loved the brands Stomp creates for as well as the overall quality of the products. I have been very happy with our projects with Stomp thus far, and will continue as we grow and expand our promotional needs.


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