Ding Dong: 5 Creative Uses for Custom Door Knob Hangers

Ding Dong: 5 Creative Uses for Custom Door Knob Hangers

Custom door knob hangers are a timeless advertising tactic embraced by small businesses. They're like the friendly neighbor who pops over for a chat but without interrupting your Netflix binge. With the perfect design, these hangers can catch eyes without being a bother. 

But that’s just it; the key is strong design. Your door knob hangers’ success as an advertising trick hinges on a blend of creativity and strategic finesse. Remember, a custom door knob hanger isn't just a flyer. It's a conversation starter, a mini-billboard, and a glimpse into the world you're inviting potential customers to explore. To motivate customers to give you a call, you need to make the most out of their real estate and stand out. 

The world of custom door knob hangers is knocking. Are you ready to answer?

Why Use Custom Door Knob Hangers?

Custom door knob hangers offer a unique advantage in connecting with people where they feel most comfortable – their homes! This makes them especially useful for businesses offering recurring services that are relevant year-round, like landscaping companies, restaurants, or home renovation services. 

It's important to tailor your hanger to suit the environment in which it will be placed. You wouldn’t rock a formal gown at a beach bash, right? The same principle applies to door knob hangers. For example, plumbing or HVAC repair flyers make sense in suburban neighborhoods but might not resonate as well in managed apartment complexes. On the other hand, if you're running a restaurant and creating takeout flyers, apartment complexes could offer better placement due to the higher density of potential customers.

Of course, custom door knob hangers aren’t just for advertising services — organizations of all types can leverage them if they think outside the box. For example, charities can rally support by sharing their mission and fundraising events right at people's doorsteps.


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5 Creative Uses for Custom Door Knob Hangers

Whether you’re a new restaurant looking to drive foot traffic or a charity amplifying its cause, door knob hangers can be your secret to success. These versatile tools have the power to ignite interest, generate buzz, and make a memorable connection with your target audience. Here are just a few ways you can use custom door knob hangers to make your marketing efforts a knock-out success.  

Delivery Menus

Are you a bustling Chinese takeout restaurant looking to make your menus stand out? Look no further than the custom door knob hanger. By providing customers with a physical representation of your menu and sweetening the deal with a coupon for a free item or a discount, you can effectively track the success of your marketing campaign. This approach can also work for new businesses opening their doors that want to raise awareness and build a customer base.


Hotel do not disturb door knob hanger


Guest Decision-Making

Use door knob hangers to empower guests at your hotel or bed and breakfast with the ability to make decisions. Besides the classic “Do Not Disturb,” consider creating signs with options like "Clean Room" and "Replace Towels" to offer guests even greater control over their stays. Additionally, these hangers can serve as an educational tool that conveys information about water and power conservation, leading to potential cost savings for you and your guests.

Awareness for a Cause

If you’re canvassing for a charity or political campaign, you may not have time to give your full pitch at every door. This is where custom door knob hangers shine. With ample space on both sides, they offer space for a compact yet comprehensive overview of your points, similar to a mini brochure. And because they aren’t simple paper flyers or mailbox junk, hangers are less likely to be thrown away and more likely to make a lasting impact. As a general rule, the higher the quality of your physical ad, the less likely it is to end up in the trash.

Public Notices

Municipalities, apartment landlords, and local organizations can leverage custom door knob hangers to enhance public awareness and participation in community events. From announcing maintenance schedules to promoting parades and fairs, these hangers act as on-the-door reminders, ensuring your vital information reaches residents without getting lost in the shuffle of digital noise.

Provide Value

Shift your focus from the sales pitch to providing value for the potential customer. You might design a custom door knob hanger that includes a recipe, a DIY project, or a children’s craft. 

For example, if you’re a plumber, you could include DIY instructions for minor household tasks that don’t require a full-service call, aligning the information with your services. By doing so, you can position your company as a resourceful ally, building rapport and trust with potential clients. And, of course, the door knob hanger would include your company name and contact information, just in case they want to get in touch.


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Unlock Custom Door Knob Hangers with Stomp

Custom door knob hangers are more than just advertising gimmicks. Their versatility extends beyond promoting services to offering value, raising awareness, and empowering decision-making. If you're seeking an a-door-able and effective way to connect with your audience at a personal level, these hangers might be the missing piece in your marketing strategy puzzle.

Ready to leave your calling card and make an impact with your hangers? At Stomp, our design tool helps you create custom door knob hangers that will get people through your door and looking for more.


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