Smooth Moves: How to Get Bubbles Out of Stickers

Smooth Moves: How to Get Bubbles Out of Stickers

Your eagerly awaited batch of custom stickers has finally landed on your doorstep! You're ready to jazz up boxes, bottles, and everything in between with your logo. You position one of your brand-new stickers with utmost care. But wait — just as you step back to admire your handiwork, you spot it: the dreaded air bubble.

These annoying pockets of trapped air seem to appear out of nowhere, disrupting the sleek, polished look you need. But don’t worry if you’re not sure how to get bubbles out of stickers. We’re about to burst your bubble troubles with some simple yet effective ways to make sure your custom stickers look clean, professional, and bubble-free!


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Prevention is the Best Cure

Air bubbles on stickers usually form due to dirty surfaces or incorrect application of the sticker. The good news is you can avoid these issues altogether with some pre-stick prep and mindful sticker application.

Clean Surface

Make sure your surface is spotless and free of sticker residue before applying your sticker. Use soap and water or rubbing alcohol to clear away dust, dirt, and grime, so there’s nothing between your sticker and the item it’s labeling. That way, your sticker can cling on tight as a scaredy-cat on the back of a motorbike.

Careful Application

Applying a sticker might seem straightforward, but it's an art that demands patience and precision. Instead of haphazardly ripping it away from its paper, gently peel back a corner and apply the exposed area to your surface. Then, gently ease the rest of the sticker off the paper, smoothing it onto your surface as you go. 

To help with the smoothing process, you need a trusty sidekick — a wide, flat tool like a squeegee or even a credit card. Flatten the sticker with your tool of choice, and voilà! No room for air bubbles to crash the party.

Other Ways to Get Air Bubbles Out of Stickers

Did your meticulous surface prep fail to keep air bubbles at bay? If so, no need to fret. While an air bubble might resemble a stubborn party guest who ignores your hints, it’s time to leave; we have other strategies to get bubbles out of your stickers for good!


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The Squeegee Method

If an air bubble makes an unwanted appearance, bring in the reliable squeegee. Use it to gently guide the bubble towards the sticker's edge, and remember, patience is key. This method can weaken the adhesive by disrupting the seal between the vinyl and the surface. But armed with patience and persistence, you can successfully wave goodbye to that pesky bubble.

The Sun Method

Like a vacationer without a tan, sometimes a stubbornly bubbled sticker just needs a little sunbathing. Gently place your afflicted sticker on a clean, flat surface and let it soak up some rays. The heat will cause the air inside the bubble to expand and exit out the sides of your now-smooth sticker. It goes without saying that this isn’t for every application. For example, you shouldn’t leave your laptop in the sun. 

The Pin Method

Grab a sewing pin for those stubborn bubbles that refuse to budge. A quick, gentle poke followed by some squeegee magic will almost always coax the air out. And don’t worry about the pinhole — it’ll be so small you won’t even notice it’s there.


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The Hair Dryer Method

If all else fails, give a pesky air bubble the hot air treatment. Plug in your blow dryer, set it to low, and carefully apply heat from about 3-4 inches away. The trapped air will ease over to the edges, leaving your sticker bubble-free. Just remember not to apply too much heat and accidentally crisp up your sticker!


Make Standout Stickers With Stomp

Air bubbles will always try to sneak in when you’re applying stickers. But armed with a clean surface, careful application, and the tips we’ve covered on how to get bubbles out of stickers, you’re practically a bubble-banishing guru! But why stop there? With Stomp’s design tool, you can create custom stickers for your business that stand out and make your message pop.

Create your own custom stickers with Stomp that shine and tell your unique story. 


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