Designing Custom Tech Stickers: 5 Tips

Designing Custom Tech Stickers: 5 Tips

A consistent visual identity makes your brand memorable. Vibrant colors, an eye-catching logo, and striking fonts or illustrations all combine to make a strong first impression. What better way to showcase all this visual excitement than with branded tech stickers? An often-underrated showcase for a brand’s visual identity, these specialized stickers turn laptops, tablets, and other electronic devices into an artful expression for your brand.

But what are the benefits of tech stickers, and how can you craft a design that communicates a compelling brand image? Let’s dive in and find out. 


What Are Tech Stickers?

Custom tech stickers are stickers designed for use on devices such as laptops, smartphones, and tablets. These stickers should be both bold and legible. They should also use superior materials so they don’t fall off or fade over time. Whether you’re an upstart brand looking to generate awareness or an established brand looking to capitalize on brand recognition, custom tech stickers provide a medium that ensures your devices look as good as they function.

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5 Tips for Designing Tech Stickers

When considering the best way to design custom tech stickers, the options are endless. That’s why being intentional throughout the design process is essential. 

As you embark on your design journey, here are a few helpful tips to get you started:

Know Your Audience

When it comes to crafting tech stickers that hit the right note, understanding your audience is key. Whether you're targeting tech-savvy professionals or casual users, tailor your designs to match their preferences. The goal? Ensuring your stickers resonate with the right crowd and effortlessly grab their attention.

Select a Strategic Color Palette 

Think about sticker placement and choose colors that pop against the neutral backdrop of a laptop, tablet, or smartphone. A well-thought-out color palette ensures your stickers not only catch the eye but also leave a lasting impression. After all, when it comes to brand recall, every vibrant hue plays a role.

Include Brand Name and Logo

Turn your tech devices into miniature billboards by featuring your brand name and logo. Strategically placing these elements enhances brand recognition, transforming your devices into powerful tools for spreading your brand message far and wide.

Consider Functionality

Designing tech stickers isn't just about looks; it's about practicality. Keep the functionality of the device in mind to ensure your stickers don't get in the way of important features. For example, a sticker intended for use on a smartphone shouldn’t be so large it covers up the phone’s camera lens. Avoid stickers with 3D elements that might make a laptop or tablet harder to slip into a carrying case. A seamless user experience is key to maximizing the impact of your tech stickers.

Simplicity is Key 

In a world filled with stickers, simplicity is the secret sauce. Opt for clean and straightforward designs that get your message across without unnecessary clutter. A minimalist approach ensures your tech stickers not only stick in people's minds but also look visually appealing in the process.


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Places to Put Tech Stickers

Tech stickers can be placed on a plethora of different devices. Promoting unified brand expression across these different devices can go a long way in terms of brand awareness. 


Give both desktop computers and laptops a vibrant makeover by slapping on an eye-catching tech sticker. This addition turns these devices into lively showcases of your brand personality.


Infuse a touch of creativity into daily tasks with keyboard stickers, transforming workspaces into hubs of expression.


With its large expanse of empty space, the back of a computer monitor or laptop is an ideal spot to showcase your brand imagery.


Make a statement with custom tech stickers on tablets, ensuring your devices are eye-catching in any setting. 

Smart Phones

Take your brand on the go by prominently displaying stickers on smartphone cases. For these, small stickers 1-2 inches in size are best. 

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Recharge Your Brand with Custom Tech Stickers from Stomp

As a relatively inexpensive way to boost brand awareness, custom tech stickers can’t be beat. Stickers that seamlessly blend style and functionality are the perfect fit for an electronic device. 

To begin designing unique tech stickers that fit your brand identity, reach out to Stomp Stickers. Our wide array of options will ensure you’re satisfied.


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  • Nashira Edmiston