Customer Spotlight Series: Los Garzya’s Seasonings

Customer Spotlight Series: Los Garzya’s Seasonings

From a YouTube channel to bottles on store shelves, Los Garzya’s Seasonings shares unique foods and flavors with their followers and patrons. Stomp connected with Terry Garcia from the Los Garzya’s team to learn more. 


What Inspired Los Garzya’s Seasonings? 

Following our passion for sharing different foods from different places with our YouTube community, we decided to share our unique flavors with our followers through seasoning blends. 

We hope to continue producing different seasoning blends and ultimately expand distribution nationwide and then globally.


spice bottle over bowl of food


What’s Unique About Your Seasoning Blends?

We try to use all-natural ingredients, and we don’t add any non-caking agents or preservatives. Our seasonings blends are perfected until the amounts are exact. Our best one is the Chile Lime Pica Lima, which can be used on basically anything–and it's all-natural flavors!

isolated spice bottles

Why Did You Choose Stomp for Your Labels?

We shopped around and read the great reviews for Stomp’s custom spice labels. So far, customer service is great, the pricing is very competitive, and we love the rewards!

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  • Nashira Edmiston