How to Design Custom Laptop Stickers

How to Design Custom Laptop Stickers

The next time you’re at a coffee shop, airport, or library, look around at all the people using their laptops. How many are rocking at least a few stickers?

Stickers transform plain laptops into works of art that showcase their owner’s personalities and hobbies. So whether you’re looking to market your small business or commemorate a special event, look no further than custom laptop stickers.

To create stickers people will actually use, you have to think carefully about the design, material, and adhesive. With the right choices, your stickers will become an essential part of people’s laptop aesthetic. Let’s dive in!

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Why Do People Put Stickers on Laptops?

What’s not to love? Stickers are fun and affordable, plus they’re perfect for decorating personal items like laptops, water bottles, and flasks. 

A laptop’s large, flat (and hopefully dry!) surface is prime real estate for stickers. Their empty (and, let’s be honest, often boring) surfaces are practically begging for a pop of color! Laptops are also deeply personal, often containing a lifetime of documents and photos. This makes them an excellent candidate for personalization — and custom stickers allow for a unique expression of individuality.

3 Considerations for Designing Custom Laptop Stickers

There are several important factors to consider when you design custom laptop stickers. To create stickers that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing, make sure to think about each of these three elements:


1. Adhesive

When it comes to the “stick” in your sticker, it’s wise to opt for lower-strength adhesive. Why? Because when someone decides to switch things up and remove the sticker, they want a clean slate — not a residue-ridden laptop. 

The lower-strength adhesive also helps protect the laptop’s surface long-term, allowing for endless customization without any sticky aftermath. 


2. Design

Laptops have enough space to support stickers of all shapes and sizes. Consider how the sticker will fit into a collage of many different laptop stickers when you think about your design. 

This can help you determine which shape to opt for, from die cut and round to square stickers. Also, laptops are big enough that you could create a large logo silhouette — an ideal option for employees looking to add some pizzazz to their company laptops.


3. Material

Choose your sticker material wisely. Glossy stickers will retain their shine over time, while matte stickers tend to get dirty when placed in backpacks or bags. You can also opt for tech stickers specifically designed for laptops and other electronic devices. 

Don't underestimate holographic stickers for an extra color burst. But word of advice: avoid clear stickers for laptops. Laptops tend to be neutral colors like silver or black — bo-ring! Letting them show through your sticker doesn’t add much to your design.


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Level Up Your Custom Laptop Stickers With Stomp

Custom laptop stickers are the perfect way to promote your business and help your customers express their individuality. Remember, the secret to designing effective laptop stickers lies in thoughtful design, optimal materials, and the 'stick' in your sticker. Your stickers should never leave a sticky residue, only a vibrant imprint of personality. 

Design custom laptop stickers with Stomp today.


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