Design Inspiration: 5 Custom Sticker Designs To Boost Summer Sales

Design Inspiration: 5 Custom Sticker Designs To Boost Summer Sales

Ah, summer. A time of sticky things — lemonade, aerosol sunblock, popsicles. But what about something sticky that doesn’t get, well, gross in the heat? 

Stomp right up and put on your sunglasses. These summer sticker designs are going to really brighten up your brand recognition when you stick them on all things warm weather essential.


Why Should I Use Custom Stickers?

Because custom stickers are like tiny, sticky superheroes for your brand, they're small, mighty, and ready to show off your design (and your branding) at a moment's notice. 

Now, why give a hoot about custom stickers, especially for summer?

Summer, with its long days of sunlight and balmy breezes, is when communities come to life. People are out and about, basking in the sunshine, adventuring in the great outdoors, and seeking out new experiences. 


Opportunity Ripe as a Summer Peach:

If that’s not enough for you, here are a few more ways stickers boost your brand. 

  • Visibility: Custom stickers can go anywhere —  laptops, water bottles, skateboards, cars — you name it. Your logo sipping sunshine on a bustling café table or catching waves on a surfer's board? That's brand exposure you can't buy.
  • Conversation starters — Custom stickers are like the perfect summer tan – they get people talking. "What a cool sticker! Where did you get it?" Boom! Instant conversation starter. 
  • Portability — Like beach reads and SPF, stickers are summer's go-to carry-on. They're light, portable, and can stick around (pun intended) far longer than a fleeting social media post.
  • Personal Expression — Stickers allow customers to express their individuality. If they connect with your brand and stick that adorable little logo of yours on their stuff, they're not just customers. They're fans. And we could all use more of those. 
  • Seasonal Appeal — Remember when we used to change our wardrobe for summer? Your brand can do the same. A summer-themed sticker design keeps your branding relevant, fresh, and as enticing as a crystal-blue pool on a muggy summer day.
  • Cost-Effective — Custom stickers, compared to other marketing tactics, are about as cost-effective as they come. They're the ice cream truck treat in a world of gourmet gelato prices.

The bikini bottom line? 

Custom stickers are the cherry on top of your brand's summer sundae. They're fun, they're effective, and they're just waiting to put a sunny smile on your brand's face. 


5 Design Ideas For Your Brand’s Summer Sticker Collection

Summer, with its burst of life and energy, is the perfect time to let your brand awareness bloom. Stick your custom sticker for summer into product packaging, hand them out at fairs, or include them in direct mail — the possibilities are as abundant as a sunflower field.

Okay. No more talking. It’s time for action. 

Let's get sticky!


Stay Sunny orange sticker held in front of cute desk setup.


1. A Pop of Color Isn’t Just for Popsicles

Bold colors are the most direct way to grab someone’s attention. And bold colors are perfect for a summer theme. Think about dressing up your logo, mascot, or signature product in a bright splash of color if your brand has a more subdued palette. 

Or if bright colors are already in your visual brand identity, then go all out with a vibrant summer theme!


"Vibes" sticker with floral and ocean design.


2. Flowers for Sticker-non

Design your own whimsical summer tale of vibrant petals and sticky appeal with a floral custom sticker design.

Just imagine:

Your logo reinvented as a blossoming daisy, a radiant sunflower, or a gentle lotus, on a bright, colorful sticker. 

These aren't just stickers; they're pieces of portable art, ready to bloom wherever they're placed.

Increased brand awareness is a key ingredient for boosting sales. Every time someone spots your floral sticker, it's a tiny seed of brand awareness planted. They see it, recognize it, and remember it. Just as bees are drawn to flowers, customers are drawn to brands they recognize and trust. 

By leveraging flower sticker designs, your brand becomes more familiar to your audience. And familiarity often translates to preference.

In the story of "Flowers for Stickernon," your brand is Stickernon, blossoming with potential, ready to turn the fertile ground of the marketplace into your own vibrant meadow. And the best part? 

Once you've planted the seeds of brand awareness, you can sit back, enjoy the summer sun, and watch your sales bloom with Piña Colada in hand. 


Colorful beach-themed sticker on desk.


3. Dreamy Beach Scenes and Water Elements

The recipe for brand visibility is simple: 

Make waves. 


With custom beach-themed stickers.

We think Dr. Gary Chapman would agree that beaches are the sixth universal love language. Your sticker, adorned with sunny shores or playful waves, instantly speaks to the inner beach bum in everyone. 

Plus, beaches are memory magnets. With a beach-themed sticker, you're not just advertising; you're reminiscing with your audience, creating a deep-seated emotional connection, and your brand is associated with a mental vacation. 

And last but not least, beaches stand out. They're vibrant, dynamic, serene, or stormy. 

Regardless, your beach sticker isn’t bland self-promotional fodder for today and trash for tomorrow. No. It's a happy flamingo floaty in a sea of drab! 

And in this attention economy, your brand needs to be the flashy parasol in a field of bland sand. So, surf the wave of creativity with beach-themed sticker designs. 

Make your beachy sticker on-brand for your business. Give it a dramatic and stormy look if your visual identity is more aligned with cooler colors. Or maybe go bold and beautiful if your brand colors are bright. 

The wide-open summer sky's the limit!


Watermelon stickers on wood background.


4. Delicious Summer Produce 

Is your business a farmer’s market? Dining establishment? Anything to do with food

Well then, here’s a fruitful explanation of a tasty summer sticker tidbit:

Summer foods are universal crowd-pleasers. Aligning your brand with these delights is like hosting a worldwide summer feast.

And summer food triggers joyous memories. Your sticker becomes more than just an advertisement; it's a flavorful trip down memory lane, where your brand plays the charming host.

Not only that, but summer produce also symbolizes freshness and clean eating. Your brand isn't a stale leftover! It's a plump, juicy berry, radiating innovation.

So, make your brand the ripest fruit in the orchard with a delicious summer-themed sticker. 

Bon appetit!


Colorful stickers of ice cream.


5. Sweet Summer Treats 

Some of the most scrumptious sweet treats only come out when the sun’s out, and the county fair is back in session.

 Think about all the delicious treats you only find during the summer:

  • Ice cream
  • Funnel cake
  • Slushies
  • Popsicles
  • Candy apples
  • Kettlecorn
  • Fruit sorbet
  • S’mores

But why should your brand embrace a custom sticker design of sweet summer treats, you ask? Let's unwrap this tasty idea together.

Think of your brand as an ice cream truck. What's going to get people running —  a boring, old truck or one bursting with colorful images of sundaes, popsicles, and other sugary delights?

Summer treat-themed stickers are like your brand's sprinkles! 

They add color, fun, and an instant appeal. They scream, "We're sweet, we're delightful, and we're just what you need to beat the heat!"

Moreover, these stickers stir up delicious memories of sunny days and laughter-filled picnics, associating your brand with joy and comfort. 

So, it's not just a sticker. It's a first-class ticket to the sunny side of memory lane. 

The Best Places to Stick Your Custom Stickers This Summer

Put your custom-designed sticker where it can soak up the sun and attract all the attention it deserves:

  • Products — Like a proud parent, stick them right on your products. The sticker becomes a mini-billboard, traveling wherever your product goes.
  • Storefront —  Your shop window is prime real estate. Deck it out with your sunny stickers and let them work their magic, luring customers in like bees to a nectar-filled flower.
  • Packaging — Why settle for a plain brown box when you could have a summer fiesta? Your stickers make unboxing a mini vacation.
  • Events — Give away your cool for the summer custom-designed sticker. You’ll spread your brand message far and wide and delight your customers on a muggy day. 

Remember, every sticker is a seed of your brand. Plant them well, water them with creativity, and watch your brand awareness bloom this summer! 


Ocean-themed sticker collage.


Boost Your Summer Sales with Stomp

It's a sticker summer fest, and everyone's invited. 

Get started on your custom designed sticker with our free design tool and raise a glass (with a sticker on it, of course) to increased sales!


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