Customer Spotlight Series: Mossy Gal Sea Moss

Customer Spotlight Series: Mossy Gal Sea Moss

Sea moss, also called Irish moss, is a type of seaweed “superfood” that has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. With uses in cosmetics and cooking, what’s not to love? That’s where Dina Phillips comes in. After falling in love with the health benefits of Sea Moss gel in 2021, Dina started her own small business, Mossy Gal, in August 2022. We reached out to Dina to learn a little more about the product and her business. 



Tell Us A Little Bit About Mossy Gal 

At Mossy Gal, we make Sea Moss gel that can be used as a dietary supplement to support digestion, energy levels, and a brighter complexion. We love teaching others about the amazing benefits Sea Moss has to offer. 

What exactly are the benefits of sea moss? One Mossy Gal customer said: “Less Inflammation was the number one symptom [I] noticed. I’ve also seen a difference in my joint pain and muscle pain. The clarity in my skin is much better… A must try!”


What Is The Mission of Mossy Gal?

We want everyone to know about the health benefits of Sea Moss. With our unique sea moss that comes directly from St. Lucia, we provide customers with high-quality products that support a healthy lifestyle. 


Why Did You Choose Stomp For Your Custom Waterproof Labels?

We wanted our Sea Moss gel jars to stand out and look beautiful with custom waterproof labels. The Stomp team ensures our needs are met, and our products are ready to go to customers.

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