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How to Create Candle Labels in 5 Easy Steps

How to Create Candle Labels in 5 Easy Steps

Your candles have a wick-ed awesome way of adding warmth and ambiance to any space. But what sets your products apart on store shelves? It's all in the label! 

A well-crafted candle label does more than just make your products shine. It also keeps consumers safe and informed by relaying important product and safety information. But how exactly do you design an effective candle label, and what legal requirements should you be aware of? Stomp is here to answer all, so light up your favorite candle, and let's dive into the art of candle label creation!

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Step 1: Know Your Candle Label Requirements

It’s important to know what information you have to include on your label before creating your design. Here’s a quick checklist of the required information for candle labels:

Statement of Identity

Your label needs to clearly identify your product. While this might seem obvious, there are certain products that are made from similar ingredients as candles, like wax melts. The two are actually quite different, so make sure your label is clear. If your product is a candle, say so plainly on your label. 

Contact Information

You have to include your manufacturer’s name and your place of business on your candle label. Including info like your business’s phone number and website address is optional, but it can be useful for customers who want to ask questions, express concerns, or even sing your candle’s praises.

Net Weight

Let your customers know how much candle goodness they're getting. Include the candle’s net weight near the bottom of your label in both ounces and grams. And remember, the net weight includes just the wax and wick — not the jar or vessel.

Fire Safety Warning

Safety first, always! While not legally required, it’s an industry standard to include a warning about the potential fire hazard of candles. Keep customers informed and safe by including the following instructions: Burn within sight, keep away from combustibles, and keep away from children. 


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Step 2: Sell Yourself

Think about the last time you purchased a candle from your favorite store. What made you pick it up off the shelf and give it a sniff? The label probably had a beautiful design! So now that you have the label requirements down, it’s time to let your creative juices flow.

Here are some considerations to help you create a design that’ll light up your label game and result in scent-sational candle sales:

Color Scheme

Choosing the right color palette for your label is an important first step. You can opt for eye-catching and contrasting colors or hues that complement the wax color for a cohesive and minimalistic look. Moreover, consider the imagery your fragrance evokes and pick your colors accordingly. 

Inviting Imagery

Your label doesn't have to depict the exact scent of your candle, but it should at least evoke the feeling your candle creates. For instance, a honey-scented candle might feature hexagonal patterns, a bumblebee, or a golden color palette that evokes a hive.

Creative Names

Don't underestimate the power of a clever name. A well-thought-out candle name can be the cherry on top of your branding masterpiece, but it should still clearly represent the candle and its scent.

Type of Wax

You have many options to choose from when it comes to candle wax, from soy to coconut wax. Do your research and determine which wax is best for the type of candle you’re making. And if your candle is made from eco-friendly wax, flaunt it! Lots of consumers appreciate an eco-conscious option.


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Step 3: Decide What Style of Label You Want

Consider the logistics of your label. Will it be a simple wraparound label on the candle's container? Or will you include a separate label for the candle’s lid so your products are instantly recognizable from above? Having a clear vision of your label's final look will help you craft the right design and choose the right type of label product.

Step 4: Outline Your Design

Now that you've collected all the necessary pieces, it's time to put your design puzzle together. Make sure your brand name, logo, fragrance, and any essential information are front and center. Safety warnings should be easily noticeable but discreet so they don’t disrupt your design. 

Creating the perfect design may take some trial and error. Don't be discouraged if your first attempt doesn't quite hit the mark. Refining your design is all part of the creative process.

Step 5: Create Your Candle Label

Now comes the fun part — bringing your design to life! And with Stomp’s easy-to-use design tool, you can create professional and beautiful labels with ease. There are many benefits to using Stomp’s design tool, starting with image scaling. This feature helps you make your images as big or small as you want while ensuring your design is of the highest resolution, guaranteeing crisp and professional-looking results. 

Stomp’s user-friendly interface also allows you to save your design without signing up for an account, making the entire process hassle-free. Additionally, Stomp provides the convenience of storing your design so your label artwork remains readily accessible for future batches. This feature simplifies the reordering process, allowing you to effortlessly maintain consistency in your candle branding.


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Design Custom Candle Labels With Stomp

Creating your first candle label may involve a bit of trial and error. But remember, branding is a vital part of your candle business's success. Standout custom candle labels can turn casual shoppers into loyal customers. And when you create candle labels with Stomp, our experts are here to make sure this process is as smooth as melted wax. 

So go ahead, let your creativity flow, and light up the candle market with your unique brand! Happy label-making, and may your candles burn brightly in the hearts of your customers.


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