Customer Spotlight Series: Fass Brewing

Customer Spotlight Series: Fass Brewing

When you’re based in a historic building, you’ve got a lot to live up to. Dylan Emmons, the owner of Fass Brewing, knows this and aims to do exactly that. He and the Fass team have been brewing up new flavors while still paying their respects to the old traditions. 

So pull up a stool as we pour you the tale of Fass, where they’re going, and where you can find a case for yourself!   


What Led You to Open a Brewery? 

Emmons comments, “I got started through homebrewing, went to brewing school in Munich, then worked at a few breweries of various sizes around Conroe, TX.” 

Emmons emphasizes the importance of refining his craft. While Fass specializes in traditional German lagers and American IPAs, their setup allows them to experiment and create radical, modernized beers.

Father and son Dylan Emmons and Tom Emmons holding a pint


What’s Your Top Priority for Fass Brewing?

“Make great beer, every single day.”

One of the ways Fass achieves this is by serving directly from their 5-barrel serving tanks. This not only produces a unique drinking experience but ensures that customers in the taproom are always getting the freshest beer possible. 

Fass brewery historic tap room


What Makes Fass Brewing Stand Out Above Conroe’s Other Breweries?

Emmons states that it’s, “Our attention to quality of beer, service, and presentation. As well as our taproom, a 110-year-old historic building.”

Location plays a big part in Fass’s branding. Their taproom is the oldest building in Conroe and has a certain timeless charm to it. That’s fitting because before the building was a brewery, it was a clothing store visited by the likes of Elvis Presley and Lyndon B. Johnson before he became President of the United States.  

fass brewing cans


What Made You Choose Stomp For Your Beer Labels?

Emmons told us, “We chose Stomp for our packaging and beer labels because of the quality of printing, the color matching, metallic labels, and pricing.”

In addition to getting some (really well-designed) beer can labels, Fass also picked out a variety of die-cut stickers, clear stickers, and coasters to get people excited about their brand!


Brew Something with Stomp banner.

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