Customer Spotlight Series: Cinder Block Brewery

Customer Spotlight Series: Cinder Block Brewery

Not ale breweries are created equal! And without a doubt, Cinder Block Brewery has made their mark in the beer industry with their passion for the art of beer creation and experimentation. With handcrafted ales, lagers, and barrel-aged beers, Cinder Block Brewery needed a beer label that was as unique as the taste of their beer. And when they turned to Stomp, we were hoppy to craft the best beer label for their brewery. 

In today's customer spotlight series, Cinder Block Brewery takes us on their journey from starting a brewery in their garage to kickstarting a professional brewery in North Kansas City! Let’s tap in!


Can you tell us a little about your business and how you got started in Brewing?

Cinder Block Brewery is a craft brewery and cidery located in North Kansas City – just next door to downtown Kansas City. We focus on brewing a wide range of ales, lagers, and barrel-aged beers. Additionally, we make hard ciders and meads as well with a wide range of fruit and spiced varieties. We have a large taproom, patio, and event space that has been open since 2013, and we distribute our beer all over the greater Kansas City metro area and the state of Kansas. At any given time you'll find ten or more beers on tap with 2-4 different ciders or other fermented beverages. Our focus is making the best, locally handcrafted beverages that are always fresh and always an experience.

Cinder Block Brewery Label


What are some of the goals for Cinder Block?

Support our community and satisfy the thirsty pallets of the fine folks of Kansas City... and Kansas! We look to continue growing our exposure to more people in our own backyard with Cinder Block beers and ciders and strive to offer more fun seasonal beverages. We recently began canning our beer for distribution and really look to grow locations available with a variety of our canned products. We also really look to grow our focus on Cider and experiment with more varieties of apples and fruits. 


What makes Cinder Block stand out above the competition?

Dedication to quality, innovation, and our local community. 

Cinder Block Brewery Label


What made you choose Stomp for Labels, Keg Collars, Coasters etc?

Stomp has been great with meeting a wide variety of printing capabilities in different art designs we've sent their way. The turn times are very fast, and our sales rep has really made one of the biggest differences from any other printing company we've worked with in the past.... and we've worked with a lot. Also, price transparency has been great when we get more labels actually cheaper, and Stomp lets us know before ordering. 

 Cinder Block Brewery Label


Final Thoughts

And that's the tea — err the beer! Cinder Block Brewery has successfully brought satisfaction to thirsty pallets across Kansas, and we are happy to have helped them raise the bar with their custom beer labels

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