Design Inspiration: 4 Spice Label Designs That Pop

Design Inspiration: 4 Spice Label Designs That Pop

Design Inspiration: 4 Spice Label Designs That Pop

Thousands of different spices and spice blends are sold in stores every day, but what exactly draws a consumer to buy one over the other? While it may be for a practical reason (like salt), consumers are also drawn to custom spice label designs. Whether it’s a fanatic foodie who is obsessed with spice or a serious shopper who is trying a new spice for the first time, your custom labels can help them decide which spice to buy.

Designing a spice label that stands out can be accomplished in several ways -- vibrant colors, unique designs, fun photos, or crazy fonts will all help get your product off the shelf. Are you excited yet? Before you run off to get those spice jars adorned with cool-looking labels, read on to learn how to get those brain juices flowing and generate great design ideas.  

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How to Generate Spice Label Inspiration

You want your unique spice blend to find its way into every kitchen across the country because food isn’t quite the same without it! Here are some ideas to ponder before embarking on your spices label design journey.


What makes your spice unique? 

In other words, how can your label showcase the uniqueness of your product? Consider highlighting any special ingredients in your spice mix or blend to draw the customer to your label and help your product stand out from the competition. If your spice blend is a family recipe, has all organic ingredients, originated from an international location, contains herbs from a local farm, or is a unique regional blend, be sure to highlight those aspects on the label. Consumers are always looking for fun, exotic spices to try! 


How do you use the spice? 

Both novice and experienced foodies can often run out of ideas to cook a dish. Suggest a recipe that uses your spice blends and provide a QR code that links to the instructions–sparking some inspiration and providing comfort. Rather than having to think of a recipe themselves, you can assist by listing a recipe on the label.


What is the story behind your spice? 

Consumers love a good tear-jerking backstory. Whether the story is about a family origin narrative or a fascinating trip to a faraway part of the world, tell them how you came to be. Did you discover the spice on a trip? Were you testing out a new BBQ blend? Was this a spice mix used by your grandmother? Try to create a backstory for your spice, even if it seems trivial. It will help make your brand seem more authentic and truly connect with the customer on a whole new level. 


How do you want your label to look? 

Think about how you want consumers to see your spice label. Do you want your label to have bold colors or a more subtle look? If the spices originated in a specific region or country, you could integrate the flag colors. Or you could incorporate your favorite farm-to-table designs, like old-school labels and script text, for a trendy look.


How do you want to describe your product? 

You want your spice description to stand out from the competition on your label, so consider using words that best describe your spice without being boring. The spice mix description could highlight its origin (“Taste of Memphis”), its taste (“bold, zesty spice”), or use imagery that showcases your spice (a flower or a plant, or an animal).


What shape do you want your label to be? 

If you have your heart set on a specific container for your spices, be sure to design a label that will look good and fit well on the vessel. The shape, colors, and finish of your spice label should also complement the shape and size of the container. For instance, transparent labels with easy-to-read block text on glass spice containers would highlight the types of spices within the vessel. Whereas a black, opaque, chalkboard-inspired label with white text would look incredible on a metal tin to give your spice product an old-school vibe.

Design Your label


4 Spice Label Designs That Pop

Consumers face thousands of choices when choosing spices, so designing a label that appeals to the masses will be challenging. It should convince those novice foodies and Michelin star chefs that they need your spice blends to make their cuisine stand out. 


Here are some suggestions to consider when creating your custom spice label.


1. Bright, Bold Colors For A Statement Look

Perhaps your spice screams bright, bold, spicy flavors. If so, you may want your label to reflect that taste profile. For a design that pops, consider brilliant colors that will capture the eye of the consumer. Consumers are drawn to colors and will likely buy your product if you use brighter colors – say what now? According to Digital Synopsis, red encourages appetite, orange promotes enthusiasm, green is associated with health, and gray brings a sense of calm. The vibrancy of the colors used for your spice label design dictates the emotion of the consumer, believe it or not. So, what kind of emotions do you want your customers to feel when they look at your spice label? 

Spice Label

Take a look at these custom spice labels from Geo-Fresh! Geo-Fresh uses colors to make a statement and reflect the color of the spice within each jar.


2. Clear Custom Labels to Showcase the Spice

Perhaps your spice blend has unique textures or bright colors. Designing a clear label apply on a glass container helps showcase the uniqueness of your spice blend to the consumer – enabling the spice blend to take center stage. 

Spice Label

With a clear label, the consumer can see the type of spice or the spice blend within the jar. Take a look at Calicutts label design. This label is most effective for spices with vibrant colors and unique textures, such as saffron, lavender, or turmeric. The white text is subtle yet helpful for the consumer to easily read the contents of the label as well as see the spices contained within.


3. Minimalistic Design to Get the Spice Message Across

Consider a more minimalistic design that conveys your message. If your label is too busy, the message about the spice may get lost. Designing a spice label that simply states the spice contents and origin can help your customer identify those aspects quickly, which is very helpful to highlight a regional spice blend.

Spice Label

Take a look at Billy's custom spice label featuring the regional characteristics of the spice blend, as well as listing the different spices in the mix.


4. A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words

 If you want to highlight the face of your brand, consider adding a picture of yourself to the spice label. A picture can make your spice brand stand out, in addition to adding some merriment. Make sure the picture is high resolution, though, because low quality images will not print well on the label.


Spice Label


Take a look at how Flavorits spice label is radiating fun! It showcases the creator of the spice using different gestures and personalities to make the label unique for each spice. Who doesn’t want to try out these spice blends for their next barbeque or meal?


Spice Up Your Spice Label With Stomp

Stomp gives you the ability to design  fun, yet professional-looking custom spice labels for your spice brand. Choose from a variety of shapes: rectangle, square, circle, and oval. Or, create your own custom shape! Stomp also produces spice boxes to help your brand pop off the shelf. Don’t forget to offer gift sets for spice lovers - choose fold over boxes to merchandise  your spice collection!

Contact Stomp today. We can't wait to help you show off your brand with unique custom spice bottle packaging that consumers won’t be able to resist! 


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