6 Ways to Use QR Codes on Restaurant Stickers

6 Ways to Use QR Codes on Restaurant Stickers

QR codes are digital doorways that whisk your customers away anywhere you want them to go online, from your website to your social media page.  

And they’re an ideal fit for your restaurant stickers — you know, the ones sealing your takeout boxes and decorating your display cases. By adding QR codes, you can offer your patrons easy access to digital menus, promotions, and more! What better way to level up your restaurant’s operations?

Let’s dive into the creative ways you can use restaurant stickers equipped with QR codes to elevate your guests’ dining experiences and expand marketing efforts outside your restaurant’s walls.

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What are QR Codes?

Short for quick response codes, QR codes are two-dimensional barcodes that can store different types of information, from URLs and phone numbers to PDFs. When you scan a QR code with a smartphone camera, it instantly leads you to the stored content. 

Every QR code unlocks a world of possibilities with a simple scan! And it couldn’t be easier: There are several websites with free QR code generators, and Stomp’s own design tool even has its own generator built in.


Woman's hand holding a phone scanning a menu QR code on a sticker.


6 Strategic Uses for QR Codes on Restaurant Stickers

There are many ways QR codes create a streamlined and convenient dining experience for your patrons. Ready to discover the many use cases for scannable restaurant stickers? 


Add Name to Waitlist

Tired of navigating through hungry crowds at the host stand while trying to put your name on a restaurant's waitlist? Your customers are, too. Simplify the process by allowing them to join the waitlist using a QR code. With a simple scan, the code can guide customers to an online waitlist, letting them add their names and track their position in line in real-time.


View Digital Menu

Taking your menu digital has many advantages. It reduces physical contact between servers and customers and also gives you the flexibility to update your offerings without the hassle (or cost) of reprinting. Apply waterproof QR code stickers to your tables so customers can scan and access your digital menu with ease. 


Couple scanning a menu QR code at a restaurant table.


Place Orders

Whether you opt for digital or physical menus, consider sticking QR codes to your tables and printed materials so customers can place their orders directly from their smartphones. This approach is ideal for your busy staff and helps feed your hungry customers faster. For example, a customer on your patio can order something while keeping your servers free to move about the dining room.  

Collect Customer Reviews

By strategically sprinkling QR code stickers throughout your establishment, you can encourage customers to provide valuable reviews and feedback. This real-time engagement can drive service enhancements like menu refinements, helping you provide the best possible experience to your diners.

Promote Social Media Channels

Trying to boost your social media presence? Post QR codes throughout your restaurant that take customers directly to your social media profiles. Whether you share Instagram-worthy food pics or your latest deals, you'll create a direct link between your physical space and your virtual community. Get ready for your follower count to skyrocket and your online engagement to soar!

Offer Promotions

Who doesn't love a good deal? Enhance customer loyalty with QR code stickers that unlock exclusive promotions and discounts. It's a win-win: customers get a little freebie, and you foster repeat business.


Two hands holding a phone scanning a QR code on a sticker on a table.


Best Places to put Restaurant Stickers With QR Codes

Now that you know a few ways to use restaurant QR codes, let's dive into the art of sticker placement — a strategic tango that balances timing and convenience.



Attach QR code stickers to your tables for a contactless menu experience that impresses tech-savvy diners. Whether they're enjoying a leisurely meal or a quick bite, patrons can easily scan and browse your offerings without touching a germy menu.


The lively hub of your restaurant deserves a tech-savvy touch. Stick QR codes at the bar to showcase your signature cocktails or provide instant access to your entire drink menu.

Host Stand

Place QR codes at the host stand for hassle-free waitlist additions and real-time status updates. No more hungry patrons crowding your entryway!

Front Door

Make a great first impression by arranging a QR code at your entrance. The sticker can lead potential customers to your website or online reservations page, ensuring they start their dining experience on the right foot.

Takeout Containers

Extend the convenience of QR codes beyond your restaurant’s walls. By sealing takeout containers with QR code stickers, you can direct customers to your social media pages, digital coupons, or a platform where they can submit feedback — all from the comfort of their homes!

Loose Stickers

Don't underestimate the power of portable promotion. If you offer takeout or online orders, hand out restaurant stickers with your logo and a small QR code to customers as they leave. Next time your customers are hungry, they can simply look at your sticker, scan the QR code, and start their online order. 


Hand with a phone scanning a QR code on a bottle on a table.


Make Your Custom Restaurant Stickers with Stomp

Emblazoning QR codes onto your restaurant stickers opens a gateway to enhanced customer experiences and seamless interactions. Whether you need QR code stickers to lead guests to waitlists, menus, or promotions, these versatile tools have the potential to transform the way your restaurant operates and engages with patrons. 

Ready to embrace the future of dining? Get creative with your QR Codes using Stomp’s design tool today. 


"Elevate the Customer Experience of your Restaurant with Stomp!" banner.

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