QR Codes

<h2>Stay connected with QR codes.</h2>

Stay connected with QR codes.

QR Codes have made the world smaller and more accessible. Where once going to a specific webpage required a lot of typing and double-checking the URL, now you simply take out your phone, scan a QR code, and go directly to the destination. QR codes offer your customers a lot of benefits and can even be used in some fun and unconventional ways. Simply put, if you want your customers to visit a webpage, QR codes are the most convenient way to get them there.

QR codes pack a ton of information into a tiny package.

QR codes are ideal if you need to give your customers a lot of information and you don’t have a lot of space. A quick scan can send them to your website, a menu, a coupon, or anything else on the internet. With Stomp’s nifty design tool, adding a QR code to your products is a breeze so you can send customers exactly where you want them to go.