Planning a Corporate Retreat? Time to Get Your Swag Ready

Planning a Corporate Retreat? Time to Get Your Swag Ready

Swag is an underdog in today’s world of digital advertising. 

Yes, you heard it right. While custom swag products can’t track like online advertising, research shows a wealth of clear advantages. Brand recall is much higher with swag—67 percent higher than broadcast ads, 78 percent higher than web ads. And it accomplishes all this while being 66 percent more cost-effective than either. 

Company retreats are the perfect occasion to debut new swag—enhancing the communal experience and creating a lasting impression. Of course, picking an item everyone will enjoy is nerve-racking. 

But, worry not! We’ve prepared this post to help teach you how product branding works and how to select quality swag, along with trendy swag options for your next company retreat! 


How Product Branding Compares to Other Forms of Advertising

Promotional product marketing is a physical advertising medium that offers unique advantages compared to digital and print advertising—for the employees who receive it and outsiders who see swag in action. 

Whereas most ads can only be read, viewed, or clicked, promotional products serve everyday needs like charging cell phones and carrying items on a commute. That’s why people generally prefer swag to advertising and find it more memorable, too.

But how can swag make a dent in company culture?

It's simple: swag improves company culture by conveying belonging and value to employees who might otherwise feel overlooked. 

When others see your employees repping your brand, they see how much your company values your employees.


Top Considerations for Employer Promotional Products

Though they may only be promotional items, good swag can have a powerful impact in helping an employee feel valued, included, and proud—while boosting their company’s brand exposure in select markets. Keep these considerations in mind and make a more lasting impression.


Swag Should Look and Feel High-Quality

While promotional marketing is more affordable than most advertising, don’t take it as an invitation to choose the cheapest. Just like the generic hard candy that swims inside most pinatas, cheap swag can be a huge disappointment. 

At the end of the day, you want your star employees to feel proud repping your brand. The happier they are, the more frequently they’ll fly your colors. Not only does this mean more brand exposure, high-quality materials will net you a more impactful impression each time.    

As such, opt for high-quality and desirable materials in the latest cuts and styles. Remember, too, that durable goods have a longer promotional lifespan. 


Get Something They’ll Actually Use

Promotional products frequently take the form of everyday items for a reason. Items like pens, mouse pads, t-shirts invite frequent usage and eyeballs on your brand. 

The branding impact of promotional material depends in large part on how motivated your employee is to use it. More frequent usage means a stronger association between the brand and the useful product in the eyes of the user. 


Keep Your Intended Recipients in Mind

Just like your company's products or services, your swag should be specifically tailored to your employees’ needs. 

Product preferences vary between generations.

Health and wellness products are big with boomers, which means face masks, yoga mats and other fitness equipment. As a more mobile generation, travel accessories are appropriate, too. If your retreat is in a sunny faraway place, shoot for luggage, branded shades, or beach bags. 

Gen Xers benefit from products that help them balance their work and home life. Calendars, padfolios, tech items for storing data and charging devices at home, work, or the local coffee shop. Or go for nostalgic ‘80s items like a branded fanny pack or lunchbox. 

Finally, millennials have modern concerns and are much more invested in sustainability and gender-neutral apparel; opt for practical products with limited packaging, or one unisex clothing item in a wide range of sizes.


It Should be Unique

Company swag can help differentiate your company from other employers in your industry. When selecting or creating your promotional items, consider items that fit your brand narrative, value proposition, or features specific to your product or service. 

For instance, at a Petco consumer event, the company gifted a custom keepsake—attendees were encouraged to create an impression of their dogs’ paw print.


Here, Petco is using its pet-friendly brand to deliver customers a rarity in promotional products: true personalization with an emotional punch. In other words, an item that customers are likely to display, keep, and think fondly of. 

Think about the problems your company solves and its role in the lives of its customers and clients. 


Popular, Retreat-Friendly Promotional Product Options

There's an endlessly wide range of promotional products that can get your employees and onlookers star-struck. These are today’s most popular swag, from fashionable face masks to dependable outerwear, carriers, and drinkware. 


Custom Face Masks with Logo

Fashionable face masks are here to stay. With many mask mandates still in place, demand remains high. 

There’s no better way to make your brand memorable than making your logo visible just below the eyes and nose—where people tend to focus in conversation. And because so many Americans depend on bland-looking medical masks, there’s real value in providing a fashionable option.



High-quality outerwear makes for superlative swag. It’s no wonder why outer layers are some of today’s most popular swag. Think puffer jackets with synthetic down or lightweight outer layers—water-resistant materials are super trendy, by the way.


Promotional Bags

Lightweight, reusable grocery bags and cotton tote bags are usually highly visible and valued swag, but consider something more substantial to impress your staff. 

Since the vast majority of US consumers already own promotional bags—around 73 percent—you’ll have to deliver something more valuable. Think leather-accented backpacks, messenger bags, shoulder bags, or athletic bags—perfect for retreats and everyday commuting.


Portable Drinkware

Your employees are likely to be out and about during your next retreat, which makes portable drinkware an exceedingly valuable option. Think vacuum sealed tumblers,  thermoses, or hand-crafted coffee mugs.


Get Your Swag On with Stomp

Swag is a powerful and cost-effective tool for boosting company culture and making your workplace more attractive to job searchers. At Stomp, we produce high-quality custom stickers and labels that fit seamlessly on just about any item. Contact our printing experts to get started today.


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