How to Design the Perfect Stickers for Phone Cases

How to Design the Perfect Stickers for Phone Cases

Your phone is with you all the time. So, why not let it reflect your style? Stickers for phone covers do just that—they're a fun, affordable way for people to switch up the look of their phone without buying a new case.

However, designing stickers that are both visually appealing and practical for phone cases presents its own set of challenges. From selecting the right shapes and adhesives to creating engaging designs, let’s explore the key elements to help your stickers become a must-have accessory for phone users everywhere.



Why Invest in Stickers for Phone Cases?

When someone uses a sticker on their phone case, it becomes a conversation starter, seen by friends, family, and even strangers. The more distinctive and engaging the artwork, the more likely it will attract attention and admiration.

In our visually-driven world, having standout designs is key. Eye-catching stickers can make a phone case look amazing and show off the owner’s personality. For businesses, this is a golden opportunity. High-quality, attractive stickers on phone cases can boost brand visibility as happy customers proudly show off their decorated phones.


Will Phone Stickers Damage Your Phone Case?

A common concern when applying stickers to phone cases is whether the adhesive will cause any damage. You can avoid this by designing removable stickers, which use adhesives designed to be strong yet temporary. This means they can adhere firmly without leaving a sticky residue when removed.

If any sticker residue does remain, it can be easily removed with common household items like rubbing alcohol, a hair dryer, or hot water and dish soap.



Tips for Designing Stickers for Phone Cases

Designing stickers for phone cases is all about nailing a few key elements to make sure they look awesome and fit perfectly. Consider the shape, size, and how the design interacts with the phone’s features.



When designing stickers for phone cases, think about the phone's shape and layout. Get creative and use the phone’s features to make your design pop. For example, you could design a sticker that interacts with the phone's camera or buttons for a cool effect.

Or imagine a character sticker leaning out from the edge of the phone, making it look like they’re peeking over. This kind of playful interaction can make your sticker design stand out and look even more unique.



The shape of your sticker matters for both looks and practicality. Circles and die-cut shapes are popular choices because they fit well and can easily be mixed with other stickers. They’re flexible and can go anywhere on the phone.

But rectangles and squares? Not so much. They can be tricky and might not blend as smoothly with the phone's curves. So, sticking to more adaptable shapes can really make your design shine and fit well on the phone case.



Since phone cases don't offer a lot of space, it's key to design stickers that are just the right size. Smaller stickers work best—they're versatile and can be arranged in lots of different ways without making the case look crowded. Plus, they leave room for more stickers so users can build up a personalized collage over time.



How Long Do Phone Stickers Last?

Stomp's stickers are crafted from waterproof, durable vinyl, making them perfect for enduring the rigors of daily use. Whether a user’s phone is exposed to the elements or simply resides in their pocket, these stickers are designed to last. They maintain their vibrant colors and adhesive properties throughout the life of the phone case, ensuring that your design remains as fresh and striking as the day it was applied!



Design Your Phone Stickers With Stomp

Designing stickers for phone covers is a simple way for businesses to boost brand visibility and connect with customers. Whether you want to promote your brand or just have some fun with creative designs, Stomp has you covered with our easy-to-use design tool and long-lasting removable sticker options.

Ready to dial up your phone stickers? Check out our custom stickers and get started today.


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