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Enhance Your Spooky Season With Halloween Candy Boxes

Enhance Your Spooky Season With Halloween Candy Boxes

It’s that time of year again. When the leaves start to change, the air gets chilly, and… eeep, what was that? Perhaps a ghostly figure out of the corner of your eye — or a black cat or a creepy skeleton?

That’s right, Halloween is here! And what better way to celebrate than with some delicious candy?

We’re not talking about just any candy. We’re talking about candy in custom Halloween candy boxes emblazoned with your business’s logo and a personalized message. These customizable containers full of treats are the perfect way to spread some Halloween spirit, get people talking about your business, and show your employees and customers just how much you appreciate them.

Today, we’ll look at a few tips and tricks for designing custom Halloween candy boxes and explore some fun ways to use them. With a unique design and your own personal touch, you’ll have Halloween candy boxes that leave both employees and customers spellbound!

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Halloween Candy Boxes as Employee Appreciation

Your employees might be too old to trick or treat, but that doesn’t mean they’ve lost their taste for fun-sized chocolate bars and candy corn. Show your appreciation for your employees by gifting them custom Halloween candy boxes filled with delicious treats. 

Maybe you put your boxes in those classic, bright orange jack-o’-lantern buckets and hand them out at the office. Or maybe you include the candy boxes as part of a larger employee appreciation gift. Either way, make sure to write a heartfelt message when you design your boxes that leave employees feeling cherished.

When it comes to what goes inside your Halloween candy boxes, you have options. You can go with classic pre-packaged candies like Swedish Fish or M&M’s to stir up some nostalgia. You could also add a local twist by filling the boxes with treats from neighborhood businesses that showcase the flavors of your community. 


Four Halloween candy boxes with jack-o'-lantern faces in combinations of black, white, and orange


Halloween Candy Boxes to Enhance Branding

Custom candy boxes can be your secret potion to leaving a lasting impression during spooky season. Whether you run a law firm, car dealership, or retail store, treat your customers and passersby to sweet branded gifts at a special event or when they visit your business.

For example, if your local mall hosts an event for businesses to pass out candy, take advantage of the opportunity to spread your name. In a bucket full of pre-packaged treats, your custom candy boxes will stand out like a brilliantly lit jack-o’-lantern on a dark October night. 

You can also place a bowl filled with Halloween treat boxes (like those above) on-site at your business. Every time a customer leaves with a custom Halloween treat box, they’ll savor the memory of their experience with your business!


Trick or Treat sign on table with other halloween decor.


Tips for Designing Custom Halloween Candy Boxes

Custom Halloween candy boxes offer a fun and unique way to delight your employees and customers. But you need to create a design that’s both eye-catching and functional. Check out these design tips we brewed up so your candy boxes can work their magic!


Include Your Logo

Your logo is the most important branding element on your Halloween candy boxes. Make sure you prominently display your logo on every side of the box so recipients can see it from any angle. This will help make your brand instantly recognizable.


Include a Salutation

Adding a brief salutation on the packaging gives your boxes a pinch of personal touch and helps recipients remember who you are. A simple "From your friendly neighborhood [Your Business Name]" can do the trick on your box of treats.


Make it Silly and Spooky

It’s fun to make your design playfully spooky, but it’s best to avoid bone-chillingly scary. Keep your design family-friendly by using classic Halloween imagery, like grinning pumpkins, mischievous black cats, or dancing skeletons. This is the time to let your creativity run wild!

Keep it Simple

Use easy-to-read fonts and images that aren’t overly detailed to keep your design sweet and simple. And if you plan on filling your Halloween candy boxes with mass-produced candies, there’s no need to clutter your design with nutrition information since it’s already on the candy’s label.


Woman wrapping halloween gift box with halloween decor background


Create Custom Halloween Candy Boxes with Stomp

Custom Halloween candy boxes are a simple yet effective way to elevate your brand, delight your employees, and enchant your customers. So go ahead, brew up your own Halloween magic with custom candy boxes, and let your brand shine brighter than a full moon on All Hallows' Eve. And who knows your custom candy boxes might even become a Halloween tradition at your business!

Say “Trick or Treat” this Halloween with custom candy boxes from Stomp.


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