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Customer Spotlight Series: Neem-O!

Customer Spotlight Series: Neem-O!

For Sonali Singh, COVID lockdown and a focus on natural products sparked an interest in herbs and oils. What started with natural treatment options for herself and her daughter expanded to products for friends. Seeing the growing interest in her natural products, Sonali started Neem-O, a company specializing in oils and salves. We spoke with Sonali to learn more. 


How Did Neem-O Get Started?

During covid and lockdown, everyone started to go natural with their products. I started experimenting with infusing herbs in oils. When I had a lot of hair fall out, I experimented with making sulfate-free products to support hair growth, and it worked! 

My daughter has very sensitive skin, so I infused a bunch of herbs in different oils to make my salve that treated her skin conditions. After we moved to the desert, I started to get cuts on my lips, so again, I infused more herbs in oils, and I made a very effective lip butter that showed instant results. I eventually started giving these products to friends and family, and they loved it! Seeing the results and hearing positive feedback, I decided to start my business! 


Oil drop feeder coming out of a herb oil bottle


Where Do You See Neem-O! Going Next?

I plan on quickly expanding the line of products. To build my brand presence, I will use social media marketing. Once I have more products, I hope to generate more interest in my products all over the world.


What Makes Neem-O! Products Unique? 

What makes my products stand out is that they are all 100% natural. My products are all handmade, and it shows. There is a lot of effort put into each one. My products help people like me see positive results. Neem-O! products all have one thing in common; they are all made with Neem leaf. At Neem-O!, we use herbs medicinally in everyday products.


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What Made You Choose Stomp for Your Silver and Paper Labels?

I chose Stomp for silver roll labels and paper labels because of the product quality and customer service. I have been using Stomp for three years! 


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