Design Inspiration: 15 Candle Labels That Shine

Design Inspiration: 15 Candle Labels That Shine

Have you ever purchased a product based on its label? Of course you have! A good label has the power to seduce and dazzle. This is exactly what you want your product line of carefully crafted, quality, scent-sational candles to do. With that said, designing a perfect label is not always easy.  

Start by getting clear on your candle’s personality. What’s it’s “story”? The design you create will be customized to emanate your candle’s vibe. In the meantime, get inspired by the top 15 hand-selected custom candle labels we chose for you. Once you nail that perfect label, your candles may be selling out before they even hit the shelves!


Design Labels


1. Artumie – A Natural Look



Artumie candle label


Artumie appeals to the naturalist, with its clean white label and clearly legible type-writer font giving it an old-timey feel, displayed against an amber backdrop that signals a medicinal vibe. Uncomplicated, clean, and clear. This type of label would be perfect for a candle created or sold in an apothecary.


2. Mystic Pines Company – Hand Drawn Bliss

Mystic Pines  candle labelMystic Pines Candle Company debuts these gorgeous, hand-drawn labels celebrating seasonal phases with artwork and colors that reflect the story. Eye-catching, unique, and detailed, these labels stand out from the rest.


3. Frostbeard Studio – Humor at the Forefront

Frostbeard Studio  candle label

Who doesn’t enjoy having a flickering light nearby during some bedside reading? Playful and inviting with a touch of humor, this Frostbeard Studio label appeals to a wide range of people specifically targeting book lovers. No matter what your literary tastes may be, you can set the mood for a trashy romance novel or get ready for a night of wizarding adventure before you even light the wick. The compatibility of colors used on the label communicates a welcoming, earthy feel. With its clear jar, the deep purple wax energizes the perception of the candle while its name adds a humorous element of surprise.


4. Mason & Wax – Scripted by Hand

Mason & Wax candle label

Everything about this LUFRAYS candle screams “handcrafted.” Another clean and simple label but this time, with a flair of elegance as the typography loops and whispers across it. A high degree of care, intentionality, and handmade is communicated with this label as its description accompanies its name: “warm, inviting, and relaxation.” 


5. Margot Elena’s Dead Sexy Ceramic Candle – Ooh La La!

Ceramic Candle label

Speaking of seductive, Margot Elenas Dead Sexy Ceramic Candle definitely makes our list of hottest candle labels. The high contrast between the sexy black backdrop and shimmering metallic text, kissed with a floral, feminine touch makes this label a total show-stopper. The closer you look, the more you can see how much thought went into creating this product label. Did you see the engraved skeleton in the glass? This detail gives the label a dark edge. Even the jar itself is innovative and experiential, reminiscent of the glass protecting the sacred rose in Beauty and The Beast. 


Design Labels



6. Spitfire Girl Candles – Mythical 

Spitfire Girl Candle label

The White Collection by Spitfire Girl uses a white wrap around label displaying a gorgeous depiction of mythological characters that shimmer in eye-catching metallic gold. The creator of this candle decided to depict a story using the entirety of the label, while the formal details: the collection, name, burn time, and type are included in a beautiful white box with matching gold accents. With so many details to satisfy the curious eye, this label is a pleasure to behold.


7. Leif Botanist Candles – Pining for Nature

Leif Botanist Candle label

LEIF uses a lovely collaboration of borders and chaos, with the most pertinent information displayed within the lines of the square centered on a white label. The typography is clean and clear, with a delicate flair in the cursive description. The floating pinecones and tree branches in the background give this label a calming but ethereal feel. The cork topper brings the whole candle together with an earthy experience. We can almost smell the fresh pine coming from the backdrop. 


8. The Luxe Candle Co – Noir Sleekness

Luxe Candle label

The Luxe Candle Co. makes gorgeous use of the skinny black label with its exquisite choice of typography and unique perpendicular orientation. Despite its size, it certainly makes a statement. Masculine yet tasteful, the black commands respect while the white typography softens the perception of the vessel’s contents and the experience waiting inside. 


9. Toasted Collections – Magic Pastels

Toasted Collections labels

Toasted Collections candle labels are unique, trendy, and ethereal. These labels come in several pastel colors that emanate femininity and magic, featuring a black circle that houses a hand-drawn crystal illustration. The typography, illustration, and color scheme create a mystical experience, not to mention the little surprise gift of a tumbled crystal to be revealed once the wax has fully melted. 


10. Sydney Hale Co. - Classic, Old-Time

Classic, Old-Time label

Sydney Hale Co. candle labels appeal to the triangular label trend, although the label is technically a square/rhombus turned on its side. Its creamy white label, solid black borders, and easy-to-read, bold, black typography communicate a classy, iconic feel, only accentuated by generous touches of gold.   


Design Labels



11. Folklore Fragrance – Legends of Lore

Folklore Fragrance candle label

Who says your label can’t be fun and full of character?! Folklore Fragrances combines elements of anime, gaming, and mythology to create these beautifully unique labels riddled with story. A lovely mixture of unique typography that matches the brand name, enticing use of imagery, and alluring colors, these candle labels deserve recognition. 


12. Nature’s Kindle – Earthy Simplicity

Nature’s Kindle candle label

Finally, a circular label makes the list! While square and rectangular labels flood the shelves, you can make your label stand out by opting for a circular label. Nature’s Kindle uses these labels on their candle cover and it works perfectly for the candle’s size. The kraft brown paper label signals a natural, homemade feel, only to be highlighted by their scent-sational creations, logo, and simple typography.  


13. Carver Junk Co. – Elegant Simplicity

Carver Junk Co candle label

Black and white is classic for a reason. This Carver Junk Co. candle label conveys a high level of care and intentionality with its hand-sketched floral illustration inside strong, rectangular borders featured against a white backdrop. The mix of typography and calligraphy adds an elegant flair that furthers a beautiful mix of chaos and order.


14. Otherland – Whimsical Nature

Otherland candle label

This uniquely shaped Otherland label is sophisticated, polished, and fashionable. The splashes of color and nature illustrations captivate all who pass by. The choice and color of the typography perfectly brings this label together to create an epic visual experience. 


15. Diptyque – Optically Mesmerizing

Optically Mesmerizing candle label

Diptyque Paris creates a mesmerizing visual experience with its use of optical illusions on its candle vessel; the circular, colorful labels add to the intriguing experience with jumbled letters that force onlookers to take pause.

 Now, Let’s Get Creating!

By now, we hope you are inspired to create an epic label for your candles. If not, don’t worry because we have a super nifty design tool that helps you easily create and design a candle label that lights everyone’s fire. Plus, we offer expert advice along the way so you don’t get stuck. 


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