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Design Inspiration: 12 Holographic Sticker Designs That Shine

Design Inspiration: 12 Holographic Sticker Designs That Shine

Want to make your brand truly sparkle? Holographic stickers help you literally outshine the competition! 

Flashy and futuristic, these metallic shapes catch the light, the eye, and ultimately the hearts of customers. Today, we're showcasing some of our favorite holographic sticker designs from Stomp Stickers customers that are nothing short of stellar.



12 Holographic Sticker Designs that Shine

Holographic stickers offer a constellation of different ways to elevate your brand. It’s all about finding the right design to express your brand’s personality — with some added shimmer.

For inspiration, let’s explore 12 effective examples that show how your brand can use holographic stickers to your advantage


legal thc holographic sticker


1. Legal THC's Feather of Flamboyance

Legal THC's sticker is a vibrant burst of color that stands out brilliantly with its holographic backdrop, highlighting the intricate patterns within the feather. It's a masterful display of how a simple design element, like a feather, can represent a brand's commitment to natural beauty and freedom. The iridescent sheen captures the essence of their products — organic, bold, and free-spirited.


UFO holographic sticker

2. Uncommon Path Brewing's Cosmic Trek

Breweries take note! Uncommon Path Brewing’s cosmic-inspired sticker is a visual journey. This design shows that using holographic shimmer to impart a touch of otherworldly charm can make your brand look, quite literally, out of this world.


holographic binocular sticker

3. Perspective Brewing Co's Visionary View

The Perspective Brewing Co. sticker is a masterclass in brand representation. With binoculars as the focal point, it cleverly alludes to their broader perspective on brewing. The holographic design adds a layer of depth, making the simple yet iconic imagery pop with inspiration and freshness.

Text Holographic Sticker on a pole

4. Kreative Memories' Reflective Recall

Blending matte and holographic areas in one design can have a big impact. Framed by a plain red field, the holographic text on Kreative Memories' sticker shines with creativity. The holographic shimmer nods to the vividness and clarity of the moments they capture on film and video.


astronomy holographic sticker


5. Clark Planetarium's Celestial Slogan

Space is vast, and so is the appeal of this holographic wonder from Clark Planetarium. "Need More Space" isn't just a clever pun; it's a universally relatable sentiment that shines brightly in holographic form. This sticker combines a clear message with a captivating design, featuring planets and stars that seem to orbit around the central text. It's a small universe to explore on a sticker that brings a big impact.


knuckles holographic sticker


6. American Energy Coffee Co's Caffeinated Punch

American Energy Coffee Co's sticker is as bold and energizing as their brew. The clenched fists tattooed with the brand name is a powerful image, and the holographic background gives it an electrifying feel, just like a good cup of joe in the morning.

fruit necromancer holographic sticker

7. Nectarmancer's Eerie Elegance

Roleplaying fans rejoice for this Nectarmancer sticker. The design, featuring an animated, mystical orange reading a book, gives the concept of storytelling with a supernatural twist. Its holographic sheen adds a layer of enchantment that's hard to look away from.


eagle made of hops holographic sticker


8. Hopping Eagle Brewing Co.'s Iridescent Emblem

Hopping Eagle Brewing Co. takes flight with this holographic sticker that soars beyond the ordinary. Vibrant rainbow hues dance over the eagle emblem, symbolizing the brand's dynamic and spirited approach to brewing. At the same time, the sticker’s reflective sheen captures attention from every angle, helping Hopping Eagle’s brand stand out.


rainbow raven holographic sticker


9. Gotahold Brewing's Colorful Craft

Rainbows on rainbows! The holographic effect on Gotahold Brewing’s sticker gives added depth to its vintage-inspired rainbow design. The shimmering colors are a nod to the diversity of flavors and experiences the brewery offers, inviting beer enthusiasts to a visual and sensory feast.


text holographic sticker


10. Wooden Hill Brewing Company's Anniversary Accolade

This sticker commemorates Wooden Hill Brewing Company’s six years of brewing with a holographic flair that catches the light and the eye. The intricate design is a testament to the layers of craftsmanship that go into every pint, and the holographic sheen celebrates the milestone with appropriate fanfare.


logo holographic sticker


11. Brewbilt Brewing's Geometric Gleam

Brewbilt Brewing's sticker is a masterpiece of minimalist design with maximum impact. The stark, bold lines of their logo take on a new dimension against the dynamic backdrop of a holographic canvas, reflecting a brand that's all about precision, quality, and contemporary cool.


cookie monster holographic sticker


12. Milk and Cookies’ Psychedelic Munchies

Who knew cookies could be this trippy? This sticker from Milk and Cookies gives a nostalgic nod to Cookie Monster with a psychedelic twist, making it a delightful paradox that merges childhood memories with grown-up humor.

What are the Design Benefits of Using Holographic Stickers?

Holographic stickers are like the disco balls of the design world — they turn heads and make even the most stoic shopper do a double-take. The main draw? With every tilt and turn, these stickers throw a mini light show, giving your packaging that 'look-at-me' vibe without being too showy about it.

Whether they’re for a limited edition release, a special event, or everyday branding, holographic stickers can provide that extra pop to capture attention and leave a lasting impression.


Design Your Custom Holographic Stickers with Stomp

Feeling inspired? It's your turn to make your brand shine! At Stomp Stickers, we specialize in turning your bright ideas into even brighter stickers. Whether you're brewing the next best beer or crafting artisanal chocolates, we've got the holographic dazzle you need to make your products unforgettable.

With our easy design process and your brand’s creativity, together, we can create the shiny little wonders that will take your marketing to dazzling new heights. Customize your holographic stickers today!


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