Customer Spotlight Series: Miss Chickpeas Bake Shop

Customer Spotlight Series: Miss Chickpeas Bake Shop

From a humble hole-in-the-wall with only three tiny tables to the cafe of her dreams, Miss Chickpea’s Bake Shop is a dream come true for Chef Tatiana Mccullough and her team. We reached out to Miss Chickpea’s Bake Shop to learn the secret behind this San Antonio sensation! 

What Makes Miss Chickpea’s Bake Shop Special? 

Howdy! Well, we are an all-vegan bakery in the heart of Texas. As the first vegan bakery to have a storefront in San Antonio, Texas, we strive to incorporate local flavors and vibes into all that we make. San Antonio has a strong cultural heritage that centers around good food and a good time and we are honored to be a part of that community and help foster veganism within it.

What Do You See as the Most Important Aspects of Your Business? 

As a company we pride ourselves on providing a safe and productive work environment where our staff is able to grow and build the lives they want for themselves. In the coming year (2024), we hope to be able to start shipping locally to other parts of Texas and from there hopefully the rest of the United States. 


handmade pumpkin pop tart


What Makes Miss Chickpea’s Bake Shop Stand Out Among the Crowd? 

We strive for excellence in execution and quality of ingredients. I dare anyone to try our croissants and say that they are not world-class. 

Plus, Miss Chickpeas is one of the few all-vegan bake shops in San Antonio. Not only do they wholesale to over 40 other shops around the area, but they also have a full cafetal serving up breakfast and lunch options. 

What Made You Choose Stomp for Your Stickers and Labels? 

We were looking for a company that made high-quality stickers at the best possible price, and Stomp checked all the boxes!

Thank you! We’re so glad we could help you bring your brand to life! We are always happy to provide support and get you high-quality stickers and labels that are perfect for your products.


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