Customer Spotlight Series: Good Shepherd Coffee Roasters

Customer Spotlight Series: Good Shepherd Coffee Roasters

A bad cup of coffee can ruin your morning, but for Ellen Otto in Ramah, Colorado, a bad cup of coffee means a business opportunity! With the support from a roasting mentor, Ellen founded Good Shepherd Coffee Roasters in the middle of the pandemic. To find out how her business is developing and where she’ll take it next, we reached out to Ellen so she could tell us about her story. 


What Sparked Your Interest In Coffee Roasting?

After a bad cup of coffee in Florida, and after exploring another business, I found a woman who turned out to be my coffee roasting mentor! In February of 2021, I started producing coffee beans in Colorado. Under Colorado cottage laws, I can do the roasting in my own home. Since our first showing, I've roasted, packaged, and sold over a ton of coffee. 


Ellen Otto at a Good Shepherd Coffee Roasters pop-up table.

What’s Next For Good Shepherd Coffee Roasters? 

I'm working on getting a second roaster to double my production and I’m also building a web presence. Most importantly, I'm going to keep having fun roasting coffee and improving my techniques!


How Does Good Shepherd Stand Out to Coffee Lovers? 

I now offer four caffeinated coffees of single origin, as well as two decafs and four blends. The coolest thing is, I have a really good following of people who like how I roast the coffee. My biggest niche is artisan coffee done in small batches which I can custom roast however you prefer.


Good Shepherd Coffee Roasters coffee bags on a table.


What Made You Choose Stomp for Your Labels?

Simple answer is Lisa Edwards, she’s amazing! Excellent customer service. Back and forth through emails. We finally got my label made and it's been game-on ever since. I get comments all the time about how professional my labels look. And I have Lisa to thank for that. She took my vision and put it on rolls to put on my coffee bags! The labels are legit and make my business look super high end. I couldn't be happier with my Stomp sticker folks!


Design the Perfect Label banner.

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