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Customer Spotlight Series: Full Belly Bakery

Customer Spotlight Series: Full Belly Bakery

Some dream of cake and others bake it happen! And one thing is for sure, Full Belly Bakery is doing all it can to bake it to the top. In today's customer spotlight series, Eva Allen, owner of Full Belly Bakery, shares her recipe for success as she took her passion for baking and turned it into her career. 

A true “have your cake and eat it too” situation, let’s dig into all she has to say about her sweet journey to creating love at first bite. 


Can You Tell Us a Little About Your Business and How You Got Started in Full Belly Bakery?


Full Belly Bakery


Full Belly was created in 2017. It started as a hobby/side business while I worked in the event planning/hotel catering field. I started off making breakfast pastries, then cake pops, and now full-size cakes and cake jars. I ended up enjoying baking far more than I did my 9-5, decided to go to pastry school, and then a year later in 2021, I finally was able to operate Full Belly, full time. 


What Are Some of the Goals for Full Belly Bakery?


Full Belly Bakery


My short-term goal is simply overall growth and having more people discover Full Belly Bakery. My long-term goal is to eventually have my own storefront or restaurant. (Currently, Full Belly operates out of a ghost/commissary kitchen)


What Makes Fully Belly Bakery Stand Out Above Competitors?


Full Belly Bakery


Full Belly cakes stand out from our competition by utilizing flavor over sweetness. I’ve always wanted to use simple ingredients to create delicious and thoughtful elements in all of my cakes & desserts. I like to pride myself on the fact that every element customers find in my cakes are made from scratch (filling, cookie crumbs, buttercream, etc.) and I know my customers can taste the difference. I thrive to create cakes that you can enjoy any day of the week instead of just tolerating cake one or two times a year for special occasions. 


What Made You Choose Stomp for Waterproof Labels and Packaging Tape?

I chose Stomp because I was looking to have gold incorporated into my packaging. Many other companies will print with yellow ink to get super close to gold, but that’s not what I wanted. I was enthralled when I could actually get gold foil stamped on my stickers and labels. Stomp also made it so easy for me to send a design over and make it come to life. It’s great peace of mind as a small business owner to know Stomp is taking care of everything!


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