Customer Spotlight Series: Far Field Beer Co.

Customer Spotlight Series: Far Field Beer Co.

Southern California is one of the most competitive places for beer producers. With nearly 100 breweries throughout the greater Los Angeles area, standing out – and staying afloat — is a monumental challenge. James Bardeen, founder of Far Field Beer Co., and his team have stepped up to the plate and just finished their successful first year. We reached out to James to find out a little more about the challenges of operating a brewery in Los Angeles.  

What Led You To Start Far-Field Beer Co.? 

Far Field Beer Co. officially opened during the pandemic on July 31st, 2021, but it really started a few years before that. I had been home-brewing for years as a hobby and started becoming more and more enamored with the craft beer industry. I officially joined a homebrewing club in Orange County where I got to not only hone my skills and get some feedback from my peers, but it's where I met Bryce Lowrance, who eventually became our head brewer at Far Field. Cut to a few years later, and we are now past our first year as a small, family-owned craft brewery based in Lawndale, California.


Now That You’ve Had a Good First Year, What Are You Looking to Achieve Moving Forward?

We want Far Field Beer Co. to be known as a brewery that punches above its weight class. Even though we're a freshman brewery, we take great pride in the synergy between our design, our marketing, and of course, our beer. 

We hope to keep riding that hard work and craftsmanship into our second year as we expand both our brewing and barreling programs, and our distribution. We'd love to become a brand that's known not just in the South Bay, but throughout Southern California.

How Is Far Field Beer Co. Standing Out From the Competition? 

It's hard to stand out in the saturated Los Angeles craft beer scene, but we hope that the attention to detail in our beers will help us get there. Coming from home-brewing roots, we try to tap into the same creativity as we did when we were brewing in our garages but now scaled up to sell to the masses. 

We never want to lose our focus on friends and family, and that's something you can't find at every brewery in LA (sometimes even literally, as some either don't foster that environment or are even 21+). We’ve been family-oriented since day one, having co-founded the brewery with my wife Regan. We've got something for everyone at Far Field, whether you want a wide variety of beers, a place to drink while your kids play bags in our breezeway, or a selection of different food vendors 7 days a week.

What Made You Choose Stomp to Help With Your Custom Can Labels? 

When we started having the capacity to regularly label all our cans, we knew we had to pick a printer that was quick but also had the quality assurance to best represent the beautiful can label created by our in-house designer, Sean Wright. 

When looking around at different companies, the proofs we got from Stomp stood above the rest. It was a great representation of the nuance and small touches Sean puts on our labels and it makes our cans feel just as fresh as when he debuts the designs to the team. We're incredibly happy with the quality, speed, and customer service Stomp has provided since we began working with them!


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