Customer Spotlight Series: Democracy Brewing

Customer Spotlight Series: Democracy Brewing

In 2018, James Rasza did something novel. He leveraged his background in economic justice to found Democracy Brewing, the only worker-owned brewery in Massachusetts. That means employees are given an opportunity to buy shares of the company and become part owners. That’s because Democracy Brewing believes business ownership should be attainable for everyone, and the majority should be able to enjoy the profit and pride that comes with owning a business.

To learn more about Democracy Brewing, we connected with Assistant General Manager Zoe Metzger. 

What Is Your Role At Democracy Brewing? 

I've been working at Democracy for about six months as the Assistant General Manager. I handle all FOH (Front of House) duties as well as designing all merchandise. Democracy Brewing has its own shirts, hats, custom glasses, and of course crowler labels from Stomp Stickers. I hope to be a worker-owner at Democracy soon!

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What is Democracy Brewing All About? 

At Democracy Brewing, we have several goals that guide our business. 

  • Demonstrate that a successful business can be democratically governed & worker-owned. 
  • Build community in the neighborhood and greater Boston by hosting local organizations and fundraisers, engaging in community service, and promoting arts and culture through film screenings, live music and other events. 
  • Dedicate a percentage of profits to support and promote democratic businesses through education, outreach and organizing.

What Makes Democracy Brewing Unique?

Being a worker-owned brewery sets us apart from other breweries in the area and really helps us to stay focused on providing for our community and our employees. We also try to keep a traditional Bostonian vibe by naming most of our beers on local historical figures and events. And our beer is absolutely delicious (but we're biased)!

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Why Did You Choose Stomp for Democracy Brewing’s’ Labels?

Easy-to-use interface, simple instructions, awesome examples of beer labels on the website, and excellent customer service!

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