How to Design Custom Political Signs

How to Design Custom Political Signs

Election season is right around the corner, which means candidates and organizations are gearing up to broadcast their messages far and wide. 

Custom political signs are a traditional and excellent way to encourage constituents to show their support front and center on their lawns. However, creating an impactful and effective political sign involves more than just printing a message on cardboard. It's an art requiring careful consideration and strategic design.

Ready to make your campaign the talk of the town? Let’s explore how custom political signs can help expand your cause’s recognition.


Custom Political Signs Matter

Political yard signs might seem like a simple accessory, but don’t underestimate their impact — especially at the local level. The more local the cause (think "Jane Ward for School Board"), the greater the likelihood that people take notice of a candidate whose name pops up on neighbors’ lawns. 

For example, a study conducted in 2011 set up yard signs for a fictitious candidate named "Ben Griffin." The researchers found that the signs notably increased the candidate's perceived chances for county council, even though he didn’t really exist! These results showcase the pivotal role yard signs play in local elections. 

So, if a made-up name can sway voter perception, imagine the impact strategically designed signs can have on shaping public opinion and support for genuine candidates.

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Design Tips for Political Yard Signs

Creating a compelling political yard sign is a balancing act between being eye-catching and clear while avoiding visual clutter. Here are some design tips to craft a powerful message:

Consider Color Choice

While party colors may hold significance on a national scale, they’re less important in local elections. Instead, what matters most is using contrasting colors that grab attention and enhance clarity. However, steer clear of overly complex color schemes, like an American flag background, which might hinder readability.

Evaluate Text Placement

Less is more when it comes to text on a political yard sign. Keep the message minimal, featuring a candidate's name and position or the name of a ballot initiative or piece of legislation. Avoid cluttering the sign with unnecessary information like phone numbers, QR codes, or excessive details. While a candidate's photo can add a personal touch, it's often unnecessary, may distract from the main message, or even lead to bias.

Tailor to Your Community 

Tailor your message to the local audience or specific community issues to establish a more personal connection with voters. Crafting a message that directly speaks to the local audience's aspirations and concerns helps candidates forge an empathetic bond, showing their commitment to championing the community's needs. 


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Take Your Campaign to the Next Level With Stomp

Designing custom political signs requires careful attention to detail and strategic choices to ensure maximum impact. By focusing on clear messaging, smart color choices, and tying it back to your community, you can leverage political signs to boost visibility and make a bold statement in the upcoming elections. 

Ready to elevate your campaign and make your signs the talk of the turf? Explore our custom signs and sow the seeds of success for your campaign.

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  • Nashira Edmiston