Customer Spotlight Series: Bandit’s Bakery

Customer Spotlight Series: Bandit’s Bakery

Jessica Leonard loves her dog Bandit so much that she began making her own dog treats for him. It turns out her recipes were so good the pups couldn’t get enough, and now she sells them across the Catskills region of New York under the name Bandit’s Bakery. We connected with Jessica to find out more about Bandit’s Bakery and where it’s going next.


What Inspired You to Get Into the Dog Treat Business?  

I started this company out of a love for baking treats for my dog. After seeing all of the mass-produced treats on the market and ingredients I could barely pronounce, I wanted to do better for Bandit. My homemade treats have no preservatives or chemicals, just natural whole ingredients. I started Bandit’s Bakery with the hopes of others spoiling their dogs with treats I made with love.


Dog treats on a pile of leaves


Where Do You See Bandit’s Bakery Going in the Next Few Years?

I want to keep expanding my business and provide healthy homemade dog treats to as many people as possible. Getting positive customer feedback inspires me to continue building and doing what I’m doing. I would love to become a more well-known business and see every dog enjoy Bandit’s Bakery treats. It’s also a way to provide a legacy for my best friend, Bandit.

What are some Challenges You’ve Had in Running the Business? 

I’m a one-woman show. I do it all, from placing stickers on the product to making each treat from scratch. Plus, I’m working another full-time job, so I put more hours into my business. But seeing the final product and knowing all the steps it took to get there is very rewarding. 

dog treats on a table at a craft fair


Why Did You Choose Stomp for Your Custom Waterproof Labels?

The designing process for Stomp was so easy and user-friendly! It made me feel confident in the custom labels I was ordering, and it is what keeps me coming back every time. The free ground shipping is a good bonus!

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