Promotional Magnets

Promotional Magnets

Attract Some Interest With Custom Promotional Magnets.

Looking for creative ways to promote your business and get your message out there? Whether you're marketing the dates of a special event, marketing a new product, or looking to get your logo on a customer’s refrigerator, promotional magnets are a versatile and affordable marketing choice to help spread the word.

Give Your Brand Magnetic Personality with Custom Promotional Magnets

Promotional magnets are a cost-effective and eye-catching way to market your business. Since magnets can be placed on car doors, fridge doors, filing cabinets, or any ferrous surface, they serve as miniature billboards for your brand, getting noticed every day.

Promotional magnets can be easily customized to reflect your brand and your messaging. Work in an industry that requires service follow-ups or appointments? Stomp offers calendar magnets so your customers will never miss their next appointment. Own a local pizza shop? Create custom promotional magnets that offer discounts for customers as well as images of your pies to really get those orders flying out the door – you’ll thank us when your Friday night pizza orders skyrocket.

So, are you ready to attract some attention with promotional magnets? Stomp’s easy-to-use design tool makes creating custom promotional magnets simple and fun. Step-up your customization and attract new business with custom promotional magnets. Design yours today!