Which Material is Best for a Beer Label?

Which Material is Best for a Beer Label?

When you’re creating a new craft beer product, label materials are probably the last thing on your mind. Right?  

You’ve got flavor profiles, marketing, merchandising, promotions, product launches to think about—I mean, it’s all important. But it’s not going to matter much if your labels don’t perform.  

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But come on. Label performance? What’s that all about? 


You’re a brand guru—a stickler for the right packaging, colors, closures, artwork, and all that. You wouldn’t want that insanely gorgeous label peeling off, bubbling up, or not sticking to the bottle.  


And these days, appearances count for a lot. It won’t matter much how awesome your beer is if the package looks unappetizing. Labels are often what draw people to purchase new beers in the first place, so first impressions count for everything.  


Think about it. It’s cool to have designer shoes, but if they’re made of paper, one good rainstorm, and nobody’s going to care if they’re Louboutins or Keds. They’re going to look terrible, and your date’s going to look at you crazy. And nobody wants to be that guy.  


In the world of beer label materials, performance is everything. Arguably, choosing the right label material is just as important as the product itself. The material impacts the look and feel of the bottle/can/crowler/growler. It needs to be waterproof, and it must be durable.  


If you want your product to be the “complete package,” details matter. You need to choose the best material for the job—not just the hippest one. In this post, we’re going to break down the various materials used for beer labels so you can make the best decision for your brand. 


Different Types of Beer Label Materials

You’ve got a lot of choices when it comes to beer label materials. Some of the most common beer label materials include:

Matte BOPP Labels.  Biaxially-Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) refers to the production process that stretches the plastic film in two different directions, making it stronger and more flexible. These white matte BOPP beer labels are durable, cost-effective, waterproof, solvent-proof, rip-proof, backed with permanent adhesive, and come on rolls. You can apply them at temps as low as 40˚ F, and the labels will stick to the cans or bottles even when submerged in water. The matte surface is also pen-receptive if you need to write the date or other info on the labels.


Silver BOPP Label is the metalized version of the white matte BOPP label. Anything you print on these labels will have a metallic effect, no matter what colors you choose. It’s slightly higher end than the non-silver version, but if you want shine, this is the way to go. You can use white ink to block the metallic look in some areas creating a different effect. These roll labels also have a matte pen-receptive finish.


White Vinyl/Film. Vinyl and polyester stickers are pressure-sensitive, adhesive-backed, and highly resistant to moisture and extreme temperatures. They don’t rip or tear easily and come in both matte and gloss finishes suitable for both bottles and cans. However, they are not in roll label form - they are individually cut and not as commonly used for labeling as those on a roll.


White Paper roll labels make a good design really POP! Paper is also one of the more economical label material choices. However, if condensation or moisture is an issue, you’ll have problems as paper does not hold up well when exposed to liquid. 


Specialty Labels, like textured, embossed, metalized, or holographic labels are premium choices—so if money is no object, it’s something to consider. 


What’s Best for Your Brewery? 

Deciding what’s best for your brewery or a specific product depends on the container type, size, etc. You’ll also need to consider your design and how it’s going to look on the container. 


For example, if you want your design to shine and demand some serious attention, then metallic beer labels are the perfect choice for you. Metallic labels can create a reflective effect to specific areas of the bottle to make them shine bright like a diamond – guaranteed to make heads turn!


For cans and crowlers, BOPP polypropylene labels are ideal. These labels are highly adhesive, durable, and offer lots of finish possibilities. You can flex your creative muscle and make the packaging stand out.


Benefits of Matte BOPP Labels 

There are tons of benefits to using matte BOPP beer labels:

  • They’re cost-effective
  • They are durable
  • They are waterproof and temperature resistant
  • They have amazing printability
  • They support highly detailed designs 

Plus, they’re a versatile choice for any type of container, whether aluminum cans or crowlers, bottles or growlers. The shelf life for polypropylene is up to two years, which easily covers all the time you’ll need to sell through. 


 Getting Started with Stomp


If you’re ready to get started with Stomp, we’re here to help. We provide you with everything you need to design and create your custom beer labels. 

 Now, we know that not every brewmaster is a design guru, so we’ve created some nifty tools that make it easy to DIY. Whether you already have a design or don’t know where to start, we’ve got templates for standard label sizes and configurations and easy step-by-step instructions to help you through. 

 When you’re done creating, our online art tool gives you an instant proof so you can see what the labels will look like in the real world. 

You brainstorm, design, approve your proof, choose your materials, and select your options. Once you’re satisfied with the design, we’ll start your job. We offer some of the fastest turnarounds in the business, free ground shipping, and plenty of handholding when you need it. 

Simply create your account and get to it—it’s that easy. In a few clicks, you’ll be that much closer to the perfect package for your mind-blowing brew. 

  Check out our beer label options today. And if you have any questions, chat with our printing experts and we can help you on your custom beer labeling journey! 


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