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Personalize Your Special Day with Custom Wedding Favors

Personalize Your Special Day with Custom Wedding Favors

The start of summer also means the start of wedding season. If you want to make that special day just a little more exciting, you can’t go wrong with customized wedding favors. 

But with so many options to choose from, where do you start? 

Don’t worry - you’re not alone. We’ve seen our fair share of custom wedding goods and we’re happy to share a few of our favorite ways to use custom wedding favors to personalize your special day.

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Should You Go “All Out” With Your Custom Wedding Favors? 

The answer is, “It depends!”

If you’re holding a big, fairytale wedding, you may want to take the same route with your custom wedding favors. Going “all out” allows you to create a truly customized, unique, and unforgettable experience that your guests will discuss for years to come.

That’s where some of the more luxurious options for wedding customization come in. If you’re going to invest the money, you want to purchase great wedding favors that are either relevant on the big day or useful for your guests down the road.

While custom shot glasses and pens with the couple’s name may seem like a good idea, wedding favors like these are only ever used by the couple and their closest friends or immediate family. For most guests, they go way, way back in the kitchen cupboard. 

If you want to give out truly unforgettable wedding favors, look for high-value, useful, and high-quality options that will make your guests smile.

In the next section, we’ll share our top suggestions so you can start getting inspired.


7 Custom Wedding Favors That Your Guests Will Remember 


Whether you’re getting married in a beautiful villa or on a scenic beach in a once-in-a-lifetime destination ceremony, these custom wedding favor ideas will serve as fond reminders of your nuptials for years to come:


Custom wedding favor olive oil.


1. Flavored olive oil

You want to give your guests a wedding favor that they’ll actually use and enjoy, so what better option than high-quality, olive oil? 

Usually available from high-end kitchen stores, olive oils can be decanted into tiny bottles (perfect for leaving at place settings) and tinted with flavors from blood orange to espresso. Throw on a custom label – maybe a custom box – and these are a high-class favor at an everyday price. 


Wedding plant table markers.


2. Potted plants or herbs

Give your guests the gift that keeps on giving with tiny, beautiful plants in bespoke pots. If you’re getting married in the desert, consider gifting tiny cacti (the secret is they don’t need much watering). 

If your wedding features a beautiful Italian setting or tasty Italian food, go for fragrant rosemary or basil. Exercise your DIY side by hand-painting tiny terra cotta pots and labeling each plant with a custom sticker bearing the happy couple’s name, wedding date, and the type of plant inside the pot.


Custom monogramed wine bottle.


3. Monogrammed bottles of wine

Harness the spirit and elegance of your wedding by giving your guests monogrammed bottles of wine as wedding favors. 

To make your gifts unforgettable, you might go for customized labels that feature the details of your wedding. From there, you can place the labels over the wine bottle’s existing label for a clean, customized look. And one that is sure to get some good use. 


Honey jar with custom label.


4. Jars of honey or preserves

Go for a wedding favor that’s sweet by giving tiny, beautiful jars of high-quality, handmade honey or preserves. 

One of the things we love about this gift is that it’s so easy to customize: simply find (or make) jars of your favorite preserves, and then dress them up with a burlap lid cover, a color-matched piece of ribbon or twine, and a customized jar label with your names, wedding details, or monogram. It’s just that easy! 


To-go champagne cans at wedding.


5. To-go champagne

A wedding is a perfect opportunity to enjoy a crisp, refreshing glass of bubbly champagne. One fun way to help your guests keep the party going is to provide a great glass of bubbly on the go. 

To bring this idea to life, we recommend setting out personalized cans of your favorite prosecco or champagne and tying them up with matching straws for guests to enjoy after the wedding in the comfort of their hotel or Airbnb.


Churros in custom bag.


6. Bags of post-wedding snacks

After a long night of dancing and celebration, your guests will want something to snack on. 

Help meet their cravings and keep them happy by providing cute, personalized burlap bags of goodies, like caramel popcorn, donuts, or other satisfying late-night snacks. Favors like these are sure to attract your photographers to some sweet candid smiles. 


Custom candle wedding favor.


7. Hand-poured candles

Give your guests something to remember your big day by: 

Invest in luxurious, mini hand-poured candles in a beautiful, delicate scent. These are easy to get at a local farmer’s market or to custom-order from a maker in your area.

Once you receive the candles, personalize them by adding custom gift boxes and labels that feature your monogram or a thank-you note to your guests. 

Wow Your Guests on Your Special Day With Stomp 

Your wedding is special, beautiful, and unique, and your wedding favors should be, too. 

Don’t settle for boring, throw-away wedding favors: provide a truly luxurious, customized, and useful gift for your guests with one of the ideas from this post. Whether you choose to gift candles, preserves, late-night snacks, or tiny bottles of champagne, bring your gift up to par by adding a custom label from Stomp.

Ready to get inspired and start creating your custom wedding favors? Once you pick a product, our nifty design tool makes adding your unique art a breeze and our darn-near instant proofs will have you back to planning the tiniest details while we handle the rest.


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