Design Inspiration: 37 of the Coolest Hot Sauce Labels

Design Inspiration: 37 of the Coolest Hot Sauce Labels

So your hot sauce is flaming good, but you don’t quite have a label that jumps off the shelves. Don’t worry, we have you covered. Designing a hot sauce label that perfectly resembles your spicy sauce is easy when you have the right tools and inspiration. To help spark some creativity, here is our list of the top 37 coolest hot sauce labels.

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37 of the Coolest Hot Sauce Labels for Inspiration 

While there are a variety of hot sauces out on the market, there are still numerous ways to customize your hot sauce labels to ensure your unique product stands out from the crowd. Let’s take a look at some of the coolest hot sauce labels currently in the market to help get you started. 

1. Colon Cleaner


Careful with this one, because it may run right through you! Professor Phardtpounders Colon Cleaner hot sauce label is both sophisticated and punny all at the same time, making it extremely eye-grabbing and a great conversation piece when placed on the dinner table. A sauce label like this provokes conversation, and what's better than a good-tasting hot sauce? A hot sauce that markets itself!


2. Hot Ones Brain Burner Hot Sauce 


Is your brain fried after checking out this label? Consider using artwork to bring your hot sauce label to life! Take a look at the Hot Ones Brain Burner label that displays an attention-grabbing artwork of the brain. This enticing label will get customers betting to try Brain Burner Hot sauce – taking their brain (and taste buds) on a wild ride. 

3. Newcomb’s Atomic Hot Sauce 


Are you looking for a label design that will blow people’s minds? Newcomb’s Atomic Hot Sauce label flaunts their nuclear-level hotness with an image of a nuke bottom in striking yellow and black colors. The brand also added a nice personal touch by including the molecular formula for Capsaicin which is an active component of chili peppers.

4. Exit Wound Hot Sauce



​​“It hurts even worse on the way out!” This Exit Wound hot sauce is not afraid to make a statement, and because of that, it has our full attention. If your hot sauce slogan does the talking for you, consider including it on your label. With detailed blood-like font and heat scale, consumers have full visibility into exactly what they are getting in their hot sauce. 

5. Cholula Hot Sauce

Cholula Hot Sauce originated in Chapala, Jalisco, Mexico, and is known for its distinctive wooden cap and label with lady holding peppers. This hot sauce is a classic for many spice lovers, but brand recognition is the reason the "hot sauce with a lady on the label" gets first time consumers to make a purchase.

6. Torchbearer Sauces


This Torchbearer label talks, or rather grumbles, for itself! With a dash of smokiness and sweetness, this label looks like a movie feature for the latest zombie film, and it has our full attention! Not to mention that each time we look at the label, we notice something new. This eye-grabbing hot sauce label design is fun, dynamic, and will definitely raise some eyebrows when skimming the aisle at the grocery store. 


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7. The Aves Spice Co. 


Are you looking for more than just cool artwork on your label? Maybe you want to tell a story to draw the customers in. Take a look at Aves Spice Co. and how they made the most of this wraparound hot sauce label. This brand kept its design simple yet provided a beautiful description of the taste of their hot sauce during a sweet, relaxing, and hot summer day. This label is so engaging it surely got people chirping away!

8. Roundhouse KICK Label


A label that packs some kick is sure to turn heads. This Mógū label is not only eye-catching but also adds character with the little chili man that looks very feisty, most likely signifying that the chili paste is as well.  


9. Humble House Hot Sauce Sampler


These labels are spunky, with inviting colors that attract the attention of hot sauce junkies who want to try something new or those who aren’t quite sold on hot sauces just yet. Their easy-to-use twist-top also demonstrates that these sauces are only going to go where you want them. Have no fear, Humble House is here!


10. Mike’s Hot Honey


Go for a classic look and let the memories of your consumers do the rest. There’s nothing like an old-fashioned, simple, and classic label to promote tradition. And Mike’s Hot Honey does just that. If your recipe is your great-aunt’s great-grandma’s, a label like this is perfect for you. 


11. JVB Brothers’ Co


JVB Brothers’ Co. hot sauce label is simple, modern, and crisp. This label gets right to the point with its name, ingredients, and spice level. Sometimes, simplicity is key. Check out their other JVB Brothers' flavors to get inspiration! 


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12. Sauce Bae


“The only bae you need”. Sauce Bae’s spin on words, petite pepper outline, and easy-to-read font helps set the tone for this skinny hot sauce. This cartoon label isn’t as intimidating as some other brands but its writing and simple design are what keep us intrigued.

13. Bhutila Fire Hot Sauce


To be honest, what intrigued us most about this label was its colors and text design. Most hot sauce labels are red, yellow, and orange — but not Bhutila Fire Hot Sauce! This tropical hot sauce label is filled with easy to read text that perfectly highlights what you need to know by alternating font size and color. And if you didn’t notice at first glance, the ‘wood’ for the fireplace is a chili pepper!


14.  Stop N’ Drop Hot Sauce


The use of flames to signify spice level is an awesome feature for these Stop N’ Drop hot sauce labels. Paired with eye-catching cartoons that correlate to the hot sauce name, we are a huge fan of these clean, clear, and creative labels.


15. Heartbeat Hot Sauce


Does your heart beat for hot sauce? This hot sauce label gives a chili pepper a heartbeat with its creative sketch and intriguing design. Circle formatted text to draw attention to the chili, with a diamond-cut label that contrasts competitors, this label highlights what they want readers to see, and easily moves this sauce off the shelf. 


16. Deadman Hot Sauce


CAUTION! DEADMAN HOT SAUCE! Yup, this label has our attention. The chalk human outline with the spice bottle remnants makes me wonder just how spicy this hot sauce is and thus will have me picking it off the shelf. Pegged as the “World's Hottest Pepper Sauce”, do you dare to try this deadly sauce?


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17. Yellowbird Sauces 


These aren’t your typical hot sauce labels which is why we are intrigued by them! At first glance, they don’t scream hot sauce. But after looking at the label closer, consumers can see that the yellow bird isn’t as friendly as it originally appears. With a detailed sunray cutout, this label draws attention to the Yellowbird branding and uses contrasting colors to demonstrate the heat spectrum of their sauces. This is a great way to easily market each flavor, as well as differentiate between your sauce variety. 

18. Pain 100%


It may be a good idea to have a doctor on speed dial for this one. Pain 100% hot sauce label is to the point, and yet speaks volumes. The concrete background and crooked bold text can serve as a hint for any consumer daring enough to try this hot sauce. If you can’t speak after a taste of this hot sauce, at least the label can describe what you’re feeling!

19. Mic’s Chili


The devil is in the details with this hot sauce label! Each flavor is infused with different accents, which are represented in the speech bubbles of the center icon. Colorful and vibrant with a sticker sealed cap, these Mic’s Chili labels are fun and engaging, and sure to catch any hot sauce lover’s eye!


20. Grinder’s Hot Sauces



Comedic with a spin of gore, these Grinders hot sauce labels tell a story by just adding a few iconic details. If you look closely, the Near-Death label has a “My Name is Wilburn” sticker on the devil, and the Death Nectar has a Scoville number, indicating its level of hotness or purity. Not to mention, the color scheme of labels correlates with the color of the sauces.

21. Hell Fire Hot Sauce


Hell Fire’s Fiery Fool hot sauce is quite the mouth full! But jokes aside, the label's use of ombre fiery text and hot pepper juggling joker, play the perfect part for this label and it has our full attention. Consider a humorous play on words that translate to your designs to captivate your audience.


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22. Cajohns Lethal Ingestion


Don’t say we didn’t warn you – there’s always something irresistible about off-limits products. Warning labels that include characteristics such as colors or symbols are an effective way of attracting consumers’ attention right off the bat. Cajohns Lethal Ingestion Jolokia Hot Sauce is truly worthy of the name and rewards the daredevils who defy its toxic warning label. 

23. Satan’s Blood


This label screams “death by the first bite”, so for all you mega spice fans, this one is for you. Not only is the name “Satan’s Blood” quite intimidating, but the custom hang tag makes the sauce feel a bit more exclusive than other brands, something that Stomp can do by request! Consider a label like this for the spicy sauce you think should only be purchased by those who like to live on the dangerous side.


24. Pain is Good 


Curious to know just how hot a hot sauce can be? Take a look at the Pain is Good Habanero Hot Sauce label that shows off its bold flavors by including different faces of people in agony. Consider showcasing agonized faces to reflect what the consumers will look if they put too much on their food! 


25. Adoboloco Hamajang Smoke Ghost Pepper 


If you think your hot sauce is too hot for some to handle, consider including a heat meter in your hot sauce label. This way, customers don’t go into it blindly when tasting your hot sauce – they will know exactly how hot it can be. Adoboloco is a Hawaiian hot sauce brand that makes the most of its hot sauce label by including a warning and a heat meter to its bottle. 


26. Whitehouse Station Hot Sauce 


A lot of hot sauce labels typically display crazy images – think grim reapers, skulls, and mushroom clouds. However, maybe that’s not your style and you’re looking for something more simple. Whitehouse Station took a minimalist approach that features refined images of their main ingredients plastered on each bottle. There’s no second-guessing here when the images are this clear!


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27. Afterlife Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce 


With an image of a grim reaper wielding a “pepper-like” scythe, the Afterlife Ghost Pepper Sauce screams pain and fear. This hot sauce contains ghost peppers mixed with red and bird's eye peppers that taste so hot you might get a glimpse of the afterlife! 

28. Scorned Woman 


Do you remember that old saying “hell hath no fury like a scorned woman”? This hot sauce label cuts through the noise with its unique name and design. Need to teach someone a lesson? Get even with Scorned Woman! 

29. X-Rated Tingling Taint 


X-Rated Tingling Taint Hot Sauce takes on a unique twist by adding a clever mix of skulls, peppers, and bones to their bottles. This cool product packaging design will catch your attention and leave your taste buds tingling. 

30. Blaire’s After Death Hot Sauce


By featuring flames and a skull bone in bold red and black colors, Blair’s After Death Sauce bottle stands out from the crowd. This striking design and the slogan “Feel Alive” in contrast with their bold “DEATH” text, will pique consumers’ interests and awaken their taste buds. 

31. Bloody Pirate Hot Sauce


Arrgh! Bloody Pirate Hot Sauce will get you acting and talking like a bold pirate. This eye-catching hot sauce label offers a unique and fresh approach by displaying cool detailed artwork of pirates on their bottles. The label even included a personal touch by providing batch numbers for each bottle. 


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32. Hell and Back Beelzebub’s Breath 


Beelzebubs’ Breath Hot Sauce label will certainly catch any adventurer’s eyes with its bold design! Using bright cardinal red fonts against a white background will undeniably grab people’s attention and convince them to go through hell and back for just a taste! 

33. Black Bee Hot Sauce 


If your hot sauce bottles contain different ingredients, then consider changing up the colors for each label. Take a look at the wide range of Black Bee Hot Sauce labels and how the colors correspond to the ingredients of the bottles. This label is dynamic, striking, and will surely get people buzzing like a bee! 

34. Da Bomb Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce 


How can you accurately depict how HOT your hot sauce can get? Take a look at the Da’Bomb Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce label design. It displays a green nuclear bomb at the front and center of their label as a forewarning, as well as uses contrasting colors to effectively capture people’s attention and get them saying “its da’bomb”!

35. Gordon Bonnet Hot Sauce 


Gordon Bonnet Hot Sauce label uses a fun mix of chili peppers and mustaches in its design – making it unique, quirky, and eccentric! By using bright colors for the artwork and having it against a clean dark background, the label design grabs the heat lovers’ attention. 

36. Tears of the Sun 


Tears of the Sun label perfectly captures their ingredient list which is a sunshiny mix of fruits that blends with the bright notes of Peach Ghost-Scorpion peppers. Using a blend of bright colors in the artwork flawlessly represents the blazing taste of the hot sauce – and so bright like the sun, it grabs everyone’s attention! 

37. Ghost Scream Hot Sauce 


I scream, you scream, we all scream for hot sauce! The label gets to the point by displaying an up close and personal image of a screaming face – a perfect way to depict a mirror image of what you’d look like once you’ve had a taste. By using a mix of bright colors against a black background, this Ghost Scream Hot Sauce label screams for attention! 

Are You Feeling Inspired Yet? 


If the answer is yes, then we can’t wait to see what you come up with! But if you’re still feeling like you need a bit more inspiration, we are here to help. Stomp’s super nifty design tool lets you easily create and design the hot sauce label you’ve always wanted. And don’t worry, we can also offer expert advice if you get stuck. 


Remember hot stuff, Stomp has you and your bottles covered. So, relax and let the labels roll. Turn up the heat with your next hot sauce label and start designing today!


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