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Custom Canopy Tents: Get to Know the Basics

Custom Canopy Tents: Get to Know the Basics

Canopy Tents are perfect for both indoor and outdoor events. Ordering tents from Stomp is as easy as 1-2-3, so why not explore the options? Our tents are printed on extra-durable 600 denier polyester – we also include full-color printing on all four sides (including the peaks and valances). You might be asking yourself, what are peaks and valances? Don’t worry Stompers, we’ve got you (and your crew) covered.

The Basics

The peaks are the larger portions of the tent that lead up to the center pole (or the peak of the tent). The peaks are the largest portions of the canopy top. They offer prime real estate for design and drawing attention to a logo. Utilize this area to boost your brand image and increase name recognition at shows and events.

The valances are the finished edges around the bottom of the canopy top. The four valances offer great opportunities for slogans, additional branding, or even promotions to draw visitors into your tent. The best part, canopies from Stomp include all-over printing for one price - so you can take advantage of all the sides without an increase in price so you can take advantage of each sides’ messaging without an increase in price!


What Makes Stomp Custom Canopy Tents Special?

Our custom canopy tents are the best, the bees-knees, the great bambino of tents if you will. 

  • One simple price for all-over printing.
  • There are no hidden fees. 
  • No setup charges. 
  • Zero shipping costs anywhere in the continental US!
  • Include a one one-year warranty for the fabric and the standard frame, three-year warranty for the premium frame. 

What’s more? We also give you a FREE roller bag so you can take your tent on the road with ease.

Designing a Custom Canopy Tent

Before you start designing your custom tent, decide on the best route to take for your art skills. Are you an experienced designer with access to your own design software? Then download the template and design it where you feel most comfortable. You can find the templates on our Canopy Tent Templates page. You can also find them from the link in our nifty design tool. Simply download the template, follow the instructions provided within the file, and you’re ready to upload into the design tool for an instant proof.

If you are not an experienced designer, no worries. You can easily design the tent using our art tool. The best place to start is with a background color. Click on the layer titled “background” and a color picker will open. You can use a default color, adjust the sliders until you find something you like, type in CMYK values, or add your logo and use the color picker to find a perfect match. Once you have your background color, the rest is up to you. Add text, upload your logo, draw custom shapes and apply text over them – the possibilities are endless.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long will it take to get my tent after ordering?

  • Standard production time is 7 working days. After shipping, the transit times will vary based on location.

2. Is it easy to set up the tents?

  • Absolutely! It only takes an average of 5 minutes to set up a tent.

3. What size does my art file need to be?

  • Vector art (ex: .ai or .pdf) can be added at any size. Raster art (ex: .psd, .png, .jpg) will need to be uploaded at a size that is proportional to the tent. For example, a 10’ x 10’ tent is 120” x 120”. For this, you would need to create an art file that is near those dimensions (around 100” wide for a larger logo on a peak). If you put a 3” x 4” logo on something that large, it will print with very poor quality. You cannot take a raster image into Photoshop and increase the size. This will only stretch the art and decrease the resolution, resulting in an even lesser quality. The preferred route is to create a new raster file from vector art that is scalable, or for images, you will need to find a native file that is sized appropriately. Uploading vector art directly is always the best solution when possible.

4. Where should I place my art on the tent for maximum visibility?

  • For the peaks, high and center is preferred. If the art is too low and close to the valance, it may not be as visible as you would like. Why? Because there is a natural slope to the peak that can limit close-up visibility. The valances allow for art to be placed however you prefer. Keep in mind the size of text and font choice to ensure the best readability.

5. What size are the poles of the frame?

  • The standard frame has square legs that are 1.125” wide. The premium frame has hexagon legs that are 1.75” wide.

We’re Here to Help

Feeling unsure about your design? The support squad is standing by and ready to help. We are available via phone, chat, or email during normal business hours. Contact us for more information. We’ll guide you through the process to ensure your canopy tech is epic. When you smile, we smile!


Design your Canopy


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