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Customer Spotlight Series: Gary Williams Fine Art

Customer Spotlight Series: Gary Williams Fine Art

Gary Williams has always been an artist. As a child, Gary grew up around a house full of paintings as his grandmother was a classically trained painter who inspired him to take up the craft. After a lifetime of work, family, and growth, Gary now resides with his wife at their dream home in Arizona, spending his days painting and creating. We connected with Gary to learn more about his craft and how he uses Stomp products to spread his art. 

How Did You Become a Professional Artist? 

I graduated with a degree in fine art from the University of Arizona in 1968. I've always been an artist, no matter what else I was involved with in my life. In the army, I would have my tank platoon maneuver together to create large earth drawings similar to crop circles. Designing homes became an exercise in composition, form, and color. Now I paint and try to make beautiful things.


Canyon painting

What Elements and Themes Does Your Art Evoke? 

Art is pretty subjective, and people have different triggers for buying art. My paintings are about what gives me a warm response, something I would like to live with, like an old friend I enjoy seeing every day. I think people feel that way about my art, and that is what makes my paintings stand out.


River painting coaster

What Methods Are You Using to Share Your Art with the World? 

I have a collection of many images I would like to share to promote my art. I have found that coasters are a fun way to do that. When I give people one of my coasters, I tell them they make great note cards, and they fit in your pocket. Now people ask me to sign them because they collect them. Soon, people will be asking, "Would you like to come over to see my coasters?"

fish painting coasters


What Made You Choose Stomp For Your Custom Coasters?

I used to order blank coasters to carry with me all the time. I would date them, make my goals for the day on them, draw on them, paint on them, and record my successes. I have stacks of old wooden tequila boxes (they're just the right size to hold a row of coasters) full of these. Then I thought, "Why not put my paintings on them?" I tried Stomp for custom coasters showcasing one of my Grand Canyon paintings, with a beautiful result. So here we are.

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