Customer Spotlight Series: Amari

Customer Spotlight Series: Amari

As he got older, Erik Gricus noticed more aches and pains from his favorite outdoor activities like skiing, hiking, and kayaking. He thought there must be a better-for-you way to recover from physical activities than sugary sports drinks or OTC products. Erik started working on a formula to reduce the aches and pains of inflammation and joint discomfort from exercise. The result? Amari! We connected with Erik to learn more. 

What Drives Amari’s Mission?

At Amari, we believe that staying active and having fun with friends and family is the best way to stay healthy and defy the limits of aging. 

Amari seeks to reach that goal by developing a product line that “blended meaningful doses of gentle, effective ingredients to reduce inflammation from exercise and help people enjoy the activities they love…”


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What Makes Amari Stand Out in the Market? 

By focusing on the basics of taste, convenience formula effectiveness, and no bubbles or sugar, we are the market leader in better-for-you natural sports recovery drinks.

Our goal is to provide a better sports recovery solution for everyone. We support the everyday athlete by providing delicious, effective, convenient products that promote fun activities as a way to stay healthy and young.


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What Made You Choose Stomp for Your Stickers and Labels?

We choose Stomp for our awesome stickers and labels because of great customer service, ease of ordering, and top-quality products.

Amari is just another satisfied Stomp customer. If you’re ready to take your stickers and labels to the next level, we are here to help. Our nifty design tool makes it easy to perfect your art and get a near-instant proof. Plus, our art team is standing by if you ever need assistance.

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