Customer Spotlight Series: Andover Cider Co.

Customer Spotlight Series: Andover Cider Co.

When Caleb Harty was diagnosed with a gluten allergy, he had to leave beer behind and explore other alcoholic options. After sampling a variety of ciders, Caleb found all of them too sweet. He was looking for something different and knew he could make it himself. From that, the Andover Cider Co. was born, a cidery focusing on simple ingredients and a dry, award-winning product. We reached out to Caleb to learn more about how it all came together. 


What Does Andover Cider Co. Specialize In? 

We make small batch, hard apple cider. We don't add any sugar or sulfites, unlike a lot of cider. It's naturally gluten-free too! And our unique approach to cider has paid off. We recently won a medal at the North American US Cider Open


Now That You’re An Award Winning Company, Where Do You See Andover Cider Co. Going From Here? 

We’ll continue growing by helping people enjoy fresh, quality cider with no added sulfites or sugar. People are drinking less alcohol today, so when they do, they want and expect quality. 

It also helps that Andover Cider Co. has a unique taste and is a dry alternative to its sweeter competitors! 


crates full of bottles


Speaking of Competition, How Do You Stand Out Against the Competition? 

We focus on what we do best. Small batch, locally made. No added sugar, sulfites, or other preservatives. The taste speaks for itself! Many say it's the best "dry cider" they've ever had. 

And if you want a taste of the best “dry cider” you’ve ever had, you can find it in select retail locations around north east Massachusetts. A full list is available on Andover Cider Co.’s website. 


What made you choose Stomp for your Cider Labels? 

Ease of use, quality products, and good price, too. 

Stomp is honored to be chosen as Andover Cider Co.’s label provider. We aim to make the design process as easy as possible with our nifty design tool that automatically shows you image’s DPI, our durable waterproof labels, and prices that support businesses big and small. 

If you need cider labels or beer labels, we have you covered. Design yours today!


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