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Service Reminders

<h2>Give your customers something to remember.</h2>

Give your customers something to remember.

In today’s busy world, keeping track of all your commitments is no easy feat. The same is true for your customers. We’re always moving and that can make it hard to remember upcoming appointments. That’s where service reminders come in. Provide your customers with something physical to remind them of an upcoming appointment. Whether it's a card in your wallet, a sticker on your calendar, or a magnet on your refrigerator, your reminder will keep their next appointment top of mind.

Keep Your Schedule With Stomp!

Nobody wants a missed appointment. It means you don’t complete the job and the customer doesn’t get what they need. Service reminder cards, stickers, and magnets can keep those commitments in focus and help you reduce cancellations and no-shows. Get started with our nifty design tool today! Instantly create your art in our easy online design tool and approve the final design in moments so you can place your order and get back to doing what you’re best at.